• Second International Conference on Advances on Women’s Studies 2015 (AWS 2015)

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    The International Center for Research & Development and Unique Conference, Canada are proud to announce the Second International Conference on Advances on Women’s Studies 2015 (AWS 2015) ) to be held from 9-10 June, 2015, Toronto, Canada. We cordially invite you to participate this premier event in Toronto. This conference will be held in parallel with the Second International Conference on Interdisciplinary Legal Studies 2015 (www.legalconference.org) and registered participants of the AWS 2015 will be allowed to participate the technical sessions.


    Participants are encouraged to dealing with historical, contemporary and future issues, including topics such as

    • Women & Leadership
    • Women & Gender
    • Women & Media
    • Women & Politics
    • Women & Aging
    • Women & family
    • Women in the Third World
    • Women & Cyber World
    • Women & Globalization
    • Women & Health
    • Women & Education
    • Women & Sports

    Sub Topics

    • Advances in gender studies
    • Gender, sex, race and class
    • Gender, power and inequality
    • Feminism, capitalism, and academia
    • Marginalization and exclusion in access to feminist education
    • Feminist methodology across disciplines
    • Women’s Studies in a global/transnational/postcolonial context
    • Gender and sexuality in classroom and workplace
    • Activism in and beyond classroom
    • Body, reproduction, and politics
    • Feminism and pop culture
    • Feminism and social media and technology
    • Feminist responsibilities and eco-feminism
    • Transatlantic approaches to gender and social justice
    • Women and the fight against poverty across frontiers
    • Societal gender norms and individual practices
    • Gender and literature

    For More Information : http://www.womenstudies.info/

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