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Sigrid Close. Dana Parga, Administrative Associate Science team members. dJet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), California Institute of Technology, 4800 Oak Grove Dr. Pasadena, CA 91109, USA, [email protected], [email protected] * Corresponding Author ([email protected]) Abstract In recent years, there has been a desire to develop space-based optical telescopes with large primary … Qi Cheng’s research was supported in part by NSF Grant CCR-9820778. Dr. Sarath Gunapala leads the Infrared Photonics Group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Bio. Nicolas Lee, Research Engineer. Asheesh focuses his practice on securities enforcement matters, including internal investigations, … Staff. Combinatorial Optimization Problems in Self-Assembly ∗ Leonard Adleman University of Southern California Qi Cheng University of Oklahoma Ashish Goel Prof. Sergio Pellegrino, Caltech/JPL, United States; Dr. Hari Priyadarshan, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), India; Dr. Harsha Simha, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), India; Ming-deh Huang’s research was supported in part by a grant from NASA and by NSF Grant CCR-9820778. Faculty. Ashish Goel’s research was supported in part by a grant from NASA. Earlier known constructions either took sub-optimal time … Asheesh Goel is a partner in the Chicago and Washington, D.C., offices. Current … NASA/JPL, NSF, ONR, and DARPA. Our counter works at tempera-ture 2. Phone: 818.354.0526 Chief Technologist - Fred Y. Hadaegh He is co-head of the Firm’s Government Enforcement Defense and Internal Investigations Group and a member of the Firm’s Executive Committee. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Stanford in 1999, and was an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southern California from 1999 to 2002. Abstract. Ashish Goel is a Professor of Management Science and Engineering and (by courtesy) Computer Science at Stanford University. The Chief Scientist is responsible for providing scientific leadership at JPL, fostering partnerships and research collaboration with universities and other academic organizations worldwide. †Postdoctoral Researcher, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 4800 Oak Grove Dr., Pasadena, CA [email protected] ‡Joyce and Kent Kresa Professor of Aerospace and Civil Engineering; Jet Propulsion Laboratory Senior Research Scientist; Co-Director, David Kempe’s research was supported by an … Ashish Goel y Stanford University Pablo Moisset de Espanes´ z University of Southern California Abstract We present a tile system for assembling a counter of width K and height N = 2K on top of a seed-row in optimum time ( N). In 2015 he received NASA’s Outstanding Leadership Medal. E-Mail: [email protected] Ashish Goel Gregory Griffin Håvard Grip Jeffery Hall Michael Hans Frank Hartman Matthew Heverly Robert Hewitt: Benjamin Hockman Robert Hogg Justin Huang Yumi Iwashita Jacob Izraelevitz Abhinandan Jain Jay Jasper Andrew Johnson Garrett Johnson Arash Kalantari Jaakko Karras Brett Kennedy David Kim Junggon Kim … Self-assembly is the ubiquitous process by which simple objects autonomously assemble into intricate complexes. It has been suggested that intricate self-assembly proces

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