Second International Conference on Advances on Women’s Studies 2015 (AWS 2015)

The International Center for Research & Development and Unique Conference, Canada are proud to announce the Second International Conference on Advances on Women’s Studies 2015 (AWS 2015) ) to be held from 9-10 June, 2015, Toronto, Canada. We cordially invite you to participate this premier event in Toronto. This conference will be held in parallel with the Second International Conference on Interdisciplinary Legal Studies 2015 ( and registered participants of the AWS 2015 will be allowed to participate the technical sessions.


Participants are encouraged to dealing with historical, contemporary and future issues, including topics such as

  • Women & Leadership
  • Women & Gender
  • Women & Media
  • Women & Politics
  • Women & Aging
  • Women & family
  • Women in the Third World
  • Women & Cyber World
  • Women & Globalization
  • Women & Health
  • Women & Education
  • Women & Sports

Sub Topics

  • Advances in gender studies
  • Gender, sex, race and class
  • Gender, power and inequality
  • Feminism, capitalism, and academia
  • Marginalization and exclusion in access to feminist education
  • Feminist methodology across disciplines
  • Women’s Studies in a global/transnational/postcolonial context
  • Gender and sexuality in classroom and workplace
  • Activism in and beyond classroom
  • Body, reproduction, and politics
  • Feminism and pop culture
  • Feminism and social media and technology
  • Feminist responsibilities and eco-feminism
  • Transatlantic approaches to gender and social justice
  • Women and the fight against poverty across frontiers
  • Societal gender norms and individual practices
  • Gender and literature

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