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Asking the questions who takes them and why? Crazy-Busy In a sea of The Bachelor podcasts hosted by members of the show, 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose is a reminder that the best part of watching the show is the commentary from the fans. Worry/Stress, Everything You Need to Completely Clean With ADHD. Dr. Edward Hallowell Black Girl Nerds . Some are still missing. Required fields are marked *, Sounds Great Media © 2019 All Rights Reserved, ADHD We like to think we are the new go-to conversation on all things concerning the Black Woman experience, whether its wellness, self-love, self-care or empowering one another, Black-Girl-Interrupted will interrupt that daily grind uplift, change and empower women of … She was only supposed to run an errand for a neighbor and play with her friends for awhile but a few weeks shy of her 13th birthday Tiffany Goines disappeared and never returned home. In this episode, René shares the struggles she faced as a smart young girl … Melanin Beauty. René Brooks had to get diagnosed with ADHD three times before finally getting the right treatment. Join us as we maneuver through the confusing details. Black Girl Boss. Diagnosed with ADHD on three separate occasions, René is a friend of the pod, and a friend of mine, who has made it her mission to uplift others with ADHD. When you are done with that, go to and check out the Serial Spoiler Special podcast. Thanks to our sponsor, OmegaBrite Wellness! A podcast dedicated to telling the stories of Black girls (0-17) who have gone missing in the United States. After being left alone in the front yard of her rural home, Myra Lewis vanished on a warm Saturday afternoon. So, she decided to change that. Do whatever you need to do to keep sharing these cases. Directed by Ossie Davis. She shares the moment she knew medication was right for her and talks about how getting properly diagnosed with ADHD was critical to her success and happiness in life. New podcasts "You Down?" The Pimp Channel. Set in 1950s New Orleans, Little Black Girl Lost is a powerful tale filled with sex, greed, and the explosive political and social climates of an America long gone. Click HERE to learn more about our sponsor, Landmark College, in Putney, Vermont. Shana sits down with attorney Stan Jackson from The Cochran Firm to bring light to the cases as well as how you can get active to advocate in your community ... 3 Black Girls Podcast 3 Black Girls The Black Girl… Black Girl Gamers started with a realization. Women with ADHD are the fastest growing population of those newly diagnosed with ADHD. 18 year old Cleashindra Hall had a bright future as a pediatrician ahead of her, until she disappeared without a trace one night in May, just before her high school graduation. Welcome to the Black Girl in the CLE podcast. with Obama's Other Daughters, "Go Ask Ali" with Ali Wentworth and "Criminalia" will premiere on iHeartRadio this month. Pro Black. Workplace She is the founder of Black Girl Mixtape, a multi-platform safe think-space, centering the intellectual authority of black women in the form of a lecture series, a podcast, and an online learning institute lead by black women scholars. Therapy for Black Girls. Internet Addiction We explore disappearances from their beginnings, going over timelines of event… And now she’s using her superpowers to empower other black women with ADHD through her blog, books and brand, Black Girl, Lost Keys. Podcasts is one the top sites to discover the hottest podcasts, listen to your favorite podcast and use all the best tools required for podcasting. Bring awareness to the issues facing Black girls everywhere! 15 year old Janteyl Johnson left school early because she was pregnant and not feeling well. Ayana. Movie Reviews. “But we just wanted to kiki with everyone. Serial podcast is worth the time it takes to go down the rabbit hole. Go to to listen to the podcast in its entirety, or download the podcast from your smart phone. Sandra took to the streets when she was eight years old and tried to fight off the hunger pangs by shoplifting and moving into the profits of drug pushing. Mindfulness Lost Girls vs. Lost Boys: The Case for ‘Fight Club’ on Its 21st Birthday. Welcome! In this timeless reimagining of Anna Sewell’s classic novel, we follow the life of Black Beauty— a wild horse born free in the American West, voiced by Kate Winslet. Madison, WI About Podcast Vibrant Happy Women is a podcast created for women looking to find themselves after getting lost in the stress of motherhood and life. With celebrities including Keegan-Michael Key, Roxane Gay, … In today’s episode, René shares with us her new mantra (and her new workbook), “Guard Your Yes”. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. When her brother arrived at home Janteyl was nowhere to be found. In 2013, Black Weblog Awards awarded Black Girl Nerds "Best Podcast". Whatever her story, we want to tell it. “After Black Girl Magic, we would want to talk to the audience and we’d be getting kicked out of venues,” says Holston, the troupe’s resident numerologist. Some we have lost forever. Whatever her story, we want to tell it. In mainstream comics, Marvel’s Black Panther:… The BGD Podcast 3.23.17: Get It Together, Chimamanda! BGN interviews writer/director Ashley Avis for Black Beauty. 1.9K likes. Keep up the good work. In October 2015, HuffPost named Black Girl Nerds one of the leading Black Podcasts. Whatever your race, you’ll likely fall in love with this podcast upon first listen. Black Keto Girl is passionate about living a ketogenic lifestyle and finds inspiration through people like you, who are eager to make changes. Living Corporate is a podcast that features a who’s … Great job and THANK YOU, ladies . Black Girls Lost. Some are still missing. After an #AmberAlert that had the South on high alert, Taylor Rose Williams remains were found several hours away from Jacksonville, FL where she lived with her mother, Brianna. Personal Blog. Ned takes their supplements every day. Police never searched for her despite her mother reporting her disappearance immediately. Check out René’s most recent book, Everything You Need to Completely Clean With ADHD. An aspiring dancer and her wicked sisters resent their mother's love for a foster daughter. Sex Firstly, the hosts seem like amazing women.Secondly, I enjoy this podcast because it informs me of missing black girls, new and old cases, that I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise. Your email address will not be published. Lopez founded Black Girl Gamers with the simple … Movie Reviews. Host Raquel Willis is joined by Elle Hearns to discuss writer and feminist Chimamanda Adichie’s comments about transgender women and… Unfollow podcast failed Please try again. “Black Girl Lost” – This documentary-style podcast, produced by award-winning filmmaker and writer dream hampton and hosted by award-winning journalist Yesha Callahan, looks at the complexities behind the growing numbers of missing Black women and girls. 25 Years Ago ’12 Monkeys’ Taught Us the Futility … Grab the latest from the Black Girl, Lost Keys Store! #SayThierNames Desmond Frankiln and Tamia Chappman both lost their young lives due to interactions with local police. FOUR books from BGLK! With Google Podcasts, you can find and listen to the world's podcasts for free. 16-year-old Shemika Cosey went to her cousin's house in Berkeley, Missouri for a sleepover and vanished overnight. Getting on Zoom and talking with these girls for our podcast has been a part of my self-care and keeping … BLACK GIRLS MATTER. If you are looking for inspiration, authenticity and positive thinking with a splash of heart and soul, join Dr. Jen Riday as she chats with … ‎A podcast dedicated to telling the stories of Black girls (0-17) who have gone missing in the United States. LISTEN NOW Gimlet … “You Down?,” a talk-show-style podcast hosted by Obama’s Other Daughters — an L.A. comedy group of four Black women — kicks off the podcast series Tuesday. As a mom and woman of color myself, hearing about any missing child is heartbreaking, but to know that our back babies and children of color are typically talked about less is not only heartbreaking, but is so frustrating! Some we have lost forever. Although these stories are heavy, they need to be heard! Black Woman Is God. Health/Beauty. Late 2017, … What’s better than one book from BGLK? Founded by psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, the site provides a host of mental health resources for black girls and women. With the support, passion, and knowledge provided by Kendra, coupled with your drive, commitment, and willingness to change, success is inevitable. Some have been found. 4. ... Podcast. The hosts of this podcast don’t just do their due diligence when it comes to accurately reporting on our missing/murdered black girls, but they also pick up the slack of media and (in many cases) law enforcement when it comes to informing the public. Four titles are in this book to help you tackle issues with being on time, saying no when you need to, and stop criticizing yourself so harshly. The community gradually became more mainstream, in particular after a shout-out by Shonda Rhimes in the September 2014 issue of Marie Claire. Historically Black. Fifteen-year-old beauty Johnnie Wise lives her life devoted to God. Community Organization. November 2, 2020; Related Posts. In this episode, we try to piece together possible leads and discuss the treatment Myra's family receives from local law enforcement. Living Corporate Podcast. Welcome to Black Girl Interrupted Podcasts. René is the founder of Black Girl, Lost Keys, a blog that empowers black women with ADHD, helping them to live well with the disorder. That’s easy. The Duchess of Sussex, 39, wrote of the moment she knew she was “… It’s the college of choice for students who learn differently. After Eric … ... Once there, follow the Apple Podcast instructions to leave us a rating and review in iTunes to help us reach more ears, minds, and hearts. MEGHAN Markle has been praised for “breaking the silence around miscarriage” by Coronation Street star Kym Marsh. Ep. Today, we’re talking to René Brooks of Black Girl Lost Keys. Education In this episode, we'll go over details not highlighted in the news stories about this ongoing case in hopes of making sense of this devastating loss. After attending and writing about so many events over the last few years we’ve found that there are so many stories that don’t make to the blog that we still want to share. We dig as deep as we can to uncover the truth about their disappearances. Our producer is Sarah Guertin and our recording engineer/editor is Scott Persson. Thank you ladies. News & Media Website. Focus Jay-Ann Lopez, who founded the gaming collective in 2015, looked around and saw a space that didn’t seem to represent her — or the other Black female gamers she was starting to meet.. Family/Relationships Regular price: $20.97 Sale price: $20.97 or 1 credit ... Black Girl Lost; By: Donald Goines ... despair-ridden world of a black girl's soul. On Its 25th Birthday, ‘Seven’ Shatters White Devilry Tropes. Some have been found. We talk about … PODCAST: I Love Black People with Jarvis Houston. Connections There are a few things I would change but then I am just appreciative that this is even a subject matter being covered. Distraction is created by Sounds Great Media. With Brock Peters, Claudia McNeil, Leslie Uggams, Louise Stubbs. Entrepreneur. Browsers can find a directory of culturally competent therapists across the country, online community The Yellow Couch Collective, and a weekly podcast. We explore disappearances from their beginnings, going over timelines of events, looking at the evidence, and recounting witness testimonies. René Brooks had to get diagnosed with ADHD three times before finally getting the right treatment. Do you have a question or comment for us? With her mother away shopping and her father in the house, it would be several hours before anyone realized the round-faced toddler was missing. And now she’s using her superpowers to empower other black women with ADHD through her blog, books and brand, Black Girl, Lost Keys.. With a plethora of clues but no leads, Pine Bluff Police remain stumped and her family without answers. Movie Reviews. Distraction listeners, you can SAVE 20% on your first order with the promo code: Podcast2020 at In this episode, René shares the struggles she faced as a smart young girl who felt defective because she couldn’t keep her room clean or do her homework. Email [email protected]. 2,237 talking about this. Therefore, I am so happy to have found a podcast that gives a voice to these victims and puts their names out there when they may have been forgotten or not known at all to begin with. 210 COLD CASE: Janteyl Danielle Johnson.

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