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Prince Andrew paid a visit in 2000, perhaps arriving from Edwards AFB via tube transit: Interesting it is also that J. Paul Getty Jr. was knighted by Queen Liz in 1998, the year after the museum’s completion. The Getty Villa closed for renovations in 1996, but is now reopened and serves as an educational center and museum dedicated … Q Anon: "Learn to Read the Map" A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks: A Treasure Trove of Maps, Diagrams, Org Charts, and Family Trees, THE GHOST IN THE MACHINE: Does Q Anon = "TYLER" = A.I.? The trust agreed to appoint an outside monitor to review future expenditures.The Getty Trust experienced financial difficulties in 2008 and 2009 and cut 205 of 1,487 budgeted staff positions to reduce expenses. He reveals how his experience in the laser industry led him into contact with the dark military-intelligence alphabet agencies. He states that these elitists think they are gods. Using remote viewing techniques, Kelley was able to see some of the … : HELL IS Literally BREAKING LOOSE in California: the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA INFERNO in Vivid Video and Photographs, HELL FREEZES OVER: Mayor of Southtown Proven Wrong as Early Winter Storm Coats the South in a Rare Snow: It’s Gonna Snow (Right Here in Dixie),,, Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map” A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks: A Treasure Trove of Maps, Diagrams, Org Charts, and Family Trees, Where Does Your Plastic Go? (The other location is the Getty Villa in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.) Getty Petroleum filed for bankruptcy protection (Chapter 11) on December 5, 2011. GRI has one art gallery on its entrance level that is open to the public. Much has been published about DUMBs – Deep Underground Military Bases – but Kelley is the first to give us a clear picture of what the writers of the Protocols of Zion called their underground “metropolitans”: You may say that the goyim will rise upon us, arms in hand, if they guess what is going on before the time comes; but in the West we have against this a maneuver of such appalling terror that the very stoutest hearts quail – the undergrounds, metropolitans, those subterranean corridors which, before the time comes, will be driven under all the capitals and from whence those capitals will be blown into the air with all their organizations and archives. What children? Fulford is quoted as saying. The museum was built at a cost of $6 billion at a time when a 1000 room casino could be built for $500 million because most of the work was underground, the sources say.”  Benjamin Fulford – Source Link. Prince Andrew flew to Edwards air base, then took the secret tube train to the getty. I love its history and I love its future.”. All Rights Reserved. A Getty spokesperson declined to answer questions from ARTnewsletter about the reported agreement. It has an easier access point since it is a facility that is open to the public. historic underground grič tunnel under zagreb historic town, capital of croatia country discovery travel found - underground bunker stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Those who went to shelters began a new kind of nightlife 11th November 1940' 1942 London residents taking shelter in Elephant and Castle tube … Volker Kahmen & Georg Heusch, sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1984. Gordon Getty – Born in 1933, he is fourth son of J. Paul Getty and has seven children. For those still not convinced there is code being used, here’s a few more examples (although this is not even close to exhaustive coverage): Read the full article at Mr. Kelley discusses Loosh (negative human emotional psychic energy), Tesla Units, the pineal gland, the power structure, Prince Andrews, and the Dulce base in more detail. Mr. Dunn says that the Museum cost $6 billion dollars to build and is positioned on a hill between Malibu and Los Angeles.  There are massive tunnels built underneath the museum, including 5 living quarters, built for the purpose as a sanctuary for the dark cabal royal families.  These royal elite satanic families were going to meet at this museum if they ever had to escape from Europe.   White Dragon society members raided the John Paul Getty Compound and it’s underground secret rooms and found 100,000 child sex slaves.  These slaves were to be used to take care of the fugitive royals and elites who are fleeing persecution from White Hat military and White Dragon family agencies. The Exhibitions Pavilion acts as the temporary residence for traveling art collections and the Foundation’s artwork for which the permanent pavilions have no room. Getty has distribution offices around the world and capitalizes on the Internet for distribution. To network with others to that end, please join the community at I might have the number of floors wrong? The Getty Center, in Los Angeles, California, is a campus of the Getty Museum and other programs of the Getty Trust. (Ill post the info at the end of post). Although the Center’s site was thought to have little motion during earthquakes, which are frequent in the Los Angeles area, in 1994, as the Center was being constructed, the Northridge earthquake struck. Along one axis lie the galleries and along the other axis lie the administrative buildings. Before It’s News original article page Later that year, it announced that due to customers’ needs changing, it plans to phase out rights-managed imagery by 2020 in favor of royalty-free images. The Getty is the only non- military installation . Michailidis and Symes introduced True to Athens lawyer Dimitri Peppas, who arranged for the loan through an entity called the Sea Star Corporation, the Times article reports. Evergreen CIA Owned Airline: Dropping Poison On You And Your Family, Public Law 105-85 Allows Chemtrails and Biological Weapons Testing on Civilians Without Explicit Consent, The Underground Base & Submarines Which Epstein Island is hiding, Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF, Mel Gibson “Hollywood is a den of parasites who feast on the blood of kids!!”. Once you get past the spa, you get to the area, which is like a city. It’s almost like two sides of the same coin. The underground base and city at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles is exposed by whistleblower Steven D. Kelley. Issues like ‘national security’ or ‘continuity of government’ have no relevance there. The Ziggurat, which is a federal building, is supposedly hooked up to the tunnel system. It’s usually done to create a lot of bloodshed and misery. Getty gas stations in the Northeast were sold off as a condition of the buyout. Kent Dunn had previous foreknowledge of the raid against the John Paul Getty Museum but was not aware of which white hat agency would be responsible for the raid.  It is now confirmed it was lead by the special forces of the White Dragon society who are from Japan. Plenty has also come to light regarding underground facilities, as well as the technology needed to create them. Asked why he was such an Anglophile, Getty replied: “I love Britain’s way of life. Above all else, we respect everyone's opinions and ALL religious beliefs and creeds. The these videos from the YouTube videos Steven D. Kelley Lasers, Cavers, and Magic Alchemy Event 1 & 2 which are both listed under references. Most of the underground bunkers are built in areas controlled by the military or airports where you have law enforcement, but the Getty is the civilian installation. The third of five sons, during his life he was one of the richest men in the world, and also had five children, two boys and three girls. Kerry is a documentary filmmaker/investigative journalist, author and well known host of Project Camelot TV broadcasting weekly live shows on Youtube. (The thing that struck me when I read this was the video posted by Isaac Kappy, of girls in a spa type setting) So not sure what to think that about one. The initial design has remained intact; however benches and fences have been installed around the plaza fountains to discourage visitors from wading into the pools. While it might have sprung from true patriotic intentions, the standoff in Harney County, Oregon has descended to needless tragedy and farce. … After an extensive conditional-use permit process, construction by the Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company began in August 1989. Also on the itinerary: a tour of the seismology lab at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, a visit to Edwards Air Force Base and a trip to the Getty Center, which is featuring an exhibit of Raphael drawings from the Windsor Castle collection. How did they know? We don’t know their purpose, so all we have is conspiracy theories, and some of these hypotheses are highly speculative, further clouding the issue. J. Paul Getty was married five times and had five sons; George Franklin Getty II, Jean Ronald Getty, John Paul Getty Jnr, Gordon Getty and Timothy Ware Getty. Although the total project cost was estimated to be $350 million as of 1990, it was later estimated to be $1.3 billion. Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion summarizing Pizzagate / Pedogate in three minutes: PIZZAGATE / PEDOGATE: A Primer to Our Planet’s Ugly Shadow, A Primer on Spirit Cooking with Marina Abramović: The First Cut Is the Deepest, Beware the Predators Among Us: Pizzagate / Pedogate Compendium: Over 20 Articles About Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Ken Starr, Federal Officials Pressured To Reopen Case Against Celebrity-Serving Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein After Giving Him a “Sweetheart Deal”, The Book of Q, Version #5, November 26, 2017: Q anon Primer: “An Overview of Stirring Revelations and Insinuations”, 2nd in Command of the Vatican, Deputy Pope George Pell, on Trial in Australia for Trafficking 100 Boys Used to Entrap and Blackmail Priests for the Black Pope, RELATED DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS IN CALIFORNIA FIRES, D.E.W. He was cared for by his mother, Abigail Harris, until his death in 2011 aged 54. Handkerchief code for sexual preference is a well documented phenomenon. LaVoy Finicum met a violent end, and for what? Investigators with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives joined Los Angeles police in a pre-dawn raid that turned up a range of weapons, from automatic rifles and revolvers to a possible World War II-era submachine gun. The Getty’s Burg Museum in Santa Monica has a King’s Solomon’s Temple look to it right out of ancient Jerusalem. There are multiple layers of this and this is where they build the living quarters. Free admission, $15 parking in the underground garage. He then started developing his psychic abilities and realized that this is where it’s at. The mansion’s address in Bel-Air—an affluent neighborhood that Hollywood royalty Elizabeth Taylor once called home—made the discovery of the arsenal all the more mysterious. Originally, the Getty Museum started in J. Paul Getty’s house located in Pacific Palisades in 1954. They are his heroes and all three gave their lives to spreading the truth. **The conspiracy subreddit is a thinking ground. The construction was significantly delayed, with the planned completion date moved from 1988 to 1995 (as of 1990). Eventually, after declining treatment and health, another issue was made for $3.2 million. Parking is underground and a tram takes visitors up a hill to the Getty Center, itself. Many veterans of the alternative media and this blog are most likely aware that the White Dragon Society have been reported on extensively by investigative journalist and White Dragon member, Benjamin Fulford.  White Dragon society has over 1.7 million active members who hold loyalty to this organization who is currently fighting the satanic pedophile cabal elites. The company was acquired by the Getty family in 2018. If we occupy it peacefully, there is no way they can justify a violent response.”. All these guys report to the crown, such as the Templars, the Bilderberg’s, etc. They divide up the world and every one of them has to give 20% to the crown even though the crown doesn’t take physical possession but they do own it. You will see guys working there that look like they just got out of the military. The first level has 200 NAZI psychics. This is just a mash up of other weird news stories which provide some interesting light on the activities the Getty family is up to. The underground base and city at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles is exposed by whistleblower Steven D. Kelley. Kelley refers to them as “cavers”, and regards the facilities themselves as “castles” because of their Caligula-like opulence. The company also offers custom photo services for corporate clients. It’s also very interesting that to note it took a long time to build and was way over budget much like Denver airport. As far as the Getty Museum controversy of an underground city, MacDevitt said, there are tunnels underneath the Getty for sure, if they take you to the hypothetical city build underneath, until he sees it, he will believed it. The underground base and city at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles is exposed by whistleblower Steven D. Kelley. Take for example this turret-like structure: The CIA man at the end of the walkway serves here as a size reference. Florida’s DeSantis moves to allow citizens to shoot looters, rioters targeting businesses, Open Records Request Finds NO INVOICES OR WORK ORDERS on Reported Election Day Water Main Break in Atlanta. The above text was taken from an archive site. © Copyrights 2019. Below the spa are opulent residences. Evidence suggests the “last holdouts” are in fact paid actors. In 1986 he was awarded an honorary knighthood and became Sir John Paul Getty, for services ranging from art to the Tories. “The queen said, `Now you can use your title. March 10, 1998 – American-born billionaire J.Paul Getty Jr. was knighted Tuesday by Queen Elizabeth II, 12 years after first being designated for that honor. He isn’t sure how thick it is but he estimates around 8 feet or so. It’s one of the hardest substances on earth. One of his sons, Andrew, tragically died aged just 47 in 2015. Medici was convicted last year and sentenced to ten years in prison, but remains free while he appeals. That included a base that was under the Getty Museum. It’s a massive block of concrete sitting on top of the mountain and the Getty is built on top of that.He brings up the fact that there are cameras everywhere and even cameras watching cameras. It was noted by Steven D Kelley that inside the Getty museum there is an elevator can reach the under ground city like area under the museum. “When I heard the national anthem played, I felt very proud to be British — it’s my national anthem now,” Getty said. Please give it a listen, spread the word, and take whatever action you can to make it a reality. – Hydroxychloroquine. At first glance, the claim that an art museum is actually a fortress guarding an underground pleasure palace and satanic temple might seem far-fetched. Starting in 1949, J. Paul Getty negotiated a series of lucrative oil leases with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Arrive at the complex, leave the vehicle at the underground parking, take the elevator to the upper level and wait a while for the funicular, like all other visitors, to be brought to the starting site. In September 1997, Getty Communications, as it was called at the time, merged with PhotoDisc, Inc. to form Getty Images. The Ziggurat, which is a federal building, is supposedly hooked up to the tunnel system. They would say well the security is needed because its a repository of western culture.

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