i don t want to study engineering anymore

But at least I took courage and I know it’s gonna be worth it. EDIT: I need to mention this. Then going back to the story college life. Now that I’m working, I’m still unhappy. How was your job hunting though? So I just went with the flow, tried my best to passed every subjects even though I failed several times. There’s more to come and I cant wait to have my diploma, standing in front of the people, and I say that, I’m an engineer!! And try to find a job that would allow you to study part-time. Most of the replies said that it was all about how you marketed yourself, and only a few companies asked about the GPA. So right now I’m still going with the flow, but I wish I did make my own flow. I will be finishing my third year on May but I just quitted last Tuesday. The TAG grant ended for me last semester so I'm even applying for private loan. I was already convinced that I will become an accountant. Then, I go with the flow because back then I was still unsure what I really want to took up in college. I just don't know why, but I don't feel like doing any work anymore. We’ve already lost a few who gave up and shifted courses, but I really wondered how we made it this far. 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I think I waster 4 years of my life in the wrong field and I see myself a failure for it. Read the book So Good They Can't Ignore You by Cal Newport. you want to study in by taking our quick survey. So I just kept going. Somebody said “Stop living others’ dreams, start living yours.” And that’s exactly what I’ll do. After all I provide them the needs and wants to them then I will go what I really want. You don’t have to become a PM and work on technical products. I keep getting absent because of the thought of failing again. Hi! Mostly because I have been told that I am good with numbers, which I recognize. Me too. Your email address will not be published. But it pays the bills. I'm not going to answer your question "what should I do?" Learn how your comment data is processed. Good luck! I don't wanna do this anymore deutsche Übersetzung von XXXTENTACION. I had a classmate transfer into our second year from his final term in civil because he finally realized he was in the wrong field. When I Was 17 years old, stepping the college life, I don’t really know what I really want. If you got confused well I’m sorry for that. I hope you made the right decision. You're right, many people are telling me to live the life that makes you happy. Deep down I think I knew I didn’t want to do business, but I changed my major late (beginning junior year) and thought it was versatile enough that I told myself that in order to graduate on time, I had to do that. But I was trained to survive in my academics. Studies about the attitude of millennials towards work do not give them justice, if not flat-out misleading. 10 Unique Jobs You Didn't Know You Could Do with An Engineering Degree . There's no use in wasting another year and a half if you hate the field. Back in high school, I learned how to pass subjects even when I despise the subjects. Is retail job gonna help though? Regardless of what it says on your degree - General, ECE, MechE, Bio/MatSci, it’s ok if you take a different path. I know I’m not in the right position to say and humbly suggest to you to keep going but as I mentioned I realized about my siblings and my second parents about all their sacrifices just to provide my studies just for the sake of my future even though until now I don’t know what I really want in life. I have not discussed this matter with them as of writing as I am yet to be sure about making the shift. Just go for it, keep going , finish what you started even If you don’t like Engineering always remind yourself you came to far now why quit? I took two years off, have worked two or more jobs that whole time (one of which is retail), started taking classes when I felt ready, & have discovered through that that I want to be an engineer. Prior to that, I only have watched shows on TV. I kept it to myself. I’m not sure I want that. You'll spend 3-4 years learning a subject you don't really enjoy and then work in a related field for maybe the rest of your life. Then I still shifted in Civil Engineering. They somehow know what you truly want to become” Hey man I know you’re just waiting to answer simple if it is YES or NO and not reading about some drama but I just want you to share my story and experience in life. I certainly understand your situation. Stick through it. Im sure they will be happy and proud of you. At first I thought it’s just I am lazy but lately, it’s just not being lazy anymore. Even a TV was rare in Thailand when I was a kid. So just keep fighting! The company I work with has sales guys with engineering degrees go out to customer sites and huck our motors. Im proud to say that Im civil engineering student and my goals is to become registered engineer in November 2018. Now, it’s already been 14 years since I’ve been in the academe, and it’s quite fulfilling… I am happy and satisfied with where i am right now…, So for you, just try to finish it, pass the board, then let us see where will that lead you… . If you really don’t want to continue with a course then there are other options besides dropping out. My advice, yea it sucks, but really you've only got a semester left. Haha. We’re not that fortunate too. You're very close to the end and I would much rather have an engineering degree I will never use than have been so close to change. I love your story! Numbers excite my mind more than anything else. I want to finish what I started as a future Petroleum Engineer. Then after 2 yrs, I never failed. I only say this if you have an immediate need to graduate on time (family/financial). And, now, I’m already in my last semester and I’m going to graduate this October ???????? But he didn’t allowed me. It's a Good Major If You Don't Know What You Want to Do . They wanted me to shift in other course. I asked myself is this really I want to become?, I realized every time I go back in my hometown, I saw my siblings my Big bro and my beautiful sister getting tired in their toxic jobs, depress but still they go to work hard just to provide me my allowance for needs in college and also my uncle and my aunt who I considered my second parents providing my tuition fees in college. Figure out what makes you happy. That’s all there is I hope I answered your questions because I’ve been there also man. Most recently this: I finished a computer science degree last year, worked about a year in the Java EE stack. So I just finished the 1st semester. Just be faithful and have patience, then He will make you realize what you really need to know and do. It left me thinking that the reason she didn't speak to white people anymore about race was because she only wanted to speak to people who agreed her. I'll be graduating next fall as well. Life is not the simple linear path that people act like it should be. I get a surprising number of emails from career programmers who have spent some time in the profession and eventually decided it just isn't for them. Remember your parents sacrifices for you to be able to go to college always remind yourself. Then while Im studying Engineering, something’s came up. I hope you find your passion, it's a great clear headed feeling when you do! Ever since when I was a kid I always watch my dad doing Construction (but he’s not a Construction worker or what) but he knows how to work in construction. I believe in that. So as for you, I do think we can just end this engineering stuff quick since you’re already a 3rd year student, and after graduating, you can tell your parents that you would want to work temporarily just to save tuition to enroll yourself in Accounting. By the way, what do you mean he transfered to second year? I know it’s for my own good. So, whatever you’re doing now, make sure that you do all your best because later you will realize that you should have done it before. Due to this, I had depression with no internship and currently only gpa of 2.4 (I even had to go see mental counselor). A General Engineering degree is good for you if you already know you are interested in Engineering, but you do not know in what type of Engineering – electrical, mechanical, automotive and so on—you want to specialise in. Facebook! Hi! I’m now member of astronomy and engineers club in school and currently public relation officer in ASsociation of Civil Engineering students in our school. God Bless to you and to your family. Studying Engineering. I went to my coordinator and talked to him. And failing that subject will require a 1 year of extension in my course. I read alot of motivational quotes, i watch motivational video in YouTube and it helps me alot. I got physics and chemistry classes in my first semester. That inner feeling of doing something good is no more there. Everything I have done counts for nothing. If you are unsure about exactly what engineering discipline to pursue, attempt to get a job with a company that provides services in different engineering disciplines. But right now, I don't feel like it anymore. We, as Engineering students, we must pursue our dreams and don’t give up on what you teally want. I already want out before I could no longer reverse the damage, even when I thought it’s already too late. Required fields are marked *, I accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy *. I shifted 3 times. I don't want to do it anymore. My first course was Information Technology but I couldn’t see myself in that field. Grit your teeth and do it. Engineering is for me. Idea of Your Own Business. However, I’m thinking about how big of a disappointment I will become to my parents for not fulfilling their dream. All those factors led to my parents dictating me to take chemical engineering instead of accountancy. Hey guys, currently a mechanical engineering student planning to graduate next fall (so I got 1 1/2 semesters for now I guess). Now I have become mature enough and reached this stage in engineering school to question if I am made for this course, or if I want to become a chemical engineer. But don’t give up man, I didn’t give up because I know things are going to be fine and I pray to God that He will help me with everything. So long story short, I pursue it and now I am 5th yr on my second sem and hopefully my last sem. But I decided to transfer school in Quezon City (New Era University) then when I took psychology in New Era, I thought that is what I really want. So I tried my best to allow me to go back In engineering. My parents simply supported my decision to get an engineering degree, they didn't push it on me, so I'm not familiar with your situation. Hey man I feel you the same way, I also experiencing what you’re going through although I’m not the smart guy back in high school until now , I just want also share my story, back then when I I was a first year high school my big brother always telling me go study hard so that you can take Engineering when you go to college. Just keep your head up, spirits high, and graduate. I was pressured into "just getting a degree" & ended up with a pretty useless degree. The trouble is that a computer science degree these days seems to immediately equate web app whatever. I don't want to be a software engineer/developer anymore. A lot of people say that there’s no such thing as a shortcut to success, is this really true? Now, Engineering is not as broad as other disciplines. That’s why the expectations are really high. I hope it will get better for the both of us. Goodluck on future! It will work out, i promise. I do not see my 2 years of engineering as a waste, because although I won't become an engineer, all the math and physics and some other useful classes (programming) actually helped me to get some temporary jobs, and algebra, math and statistics would be way more easy now. I'm a first year engineering student. My story is exactly the same. Hi,Ruch i hope you see my reply cause i have the same issue you have, even the same interest of cooking & i know my reply is too late but i thought maybe we could help each other ,and if you have been graduated Congrats, sorry for my english it’s not mother language. I was so happy that time. Damn. I couldn't really take it anymore and I asked my dad if I could change my major two years ago and he angrily said "why are you trying to change your all of sudden" and I ended up sticking with engineering. He set me up with a Defender like game and I was hooked. Although I wasn’t forced by my parents, but my family expects a lot from me since I’m an achiever in high school. I even waited for the time that I would just failed everything so that I could change courses but at that time I don’t know what should I be shifting to. Hi I’m an ex-Mapúan student who’s now in TIP Quiapo taking the same program. I want to give them back what they deserve to have a better life financial freedom , go travel around the world with them and that is my ambition in life. You’ve learned how to think like an engineer, and how to solve problems like an engineer. Goodluck to the future, Engineers!! i. You know honestly I’m not so called academic achiever got all the rewards, the quizzer type person, I’m just an ordinary guy who barely can’t imagine how I survived got this so far. So You Don't Want to be a Programmer After All. At that time I don’t want to go to college, why?, What’s the point of having your dreams to pursue when you don’t have the reason why you’re pursuing it? Then they kicked me out in Engineering. I’ve met alot of people, CEO Of company, engineers, architects and many more and I learned alot from them. It was a difficult journey for me but damn, even I could not believe that I made it this far. God Bless you!!! I'm not sure if you misread it but when I said 1 1/2 semesters, I meant I'm gonna finish half of spring semester right now and got 1 more semester left which is next fall semester. Again, you will find a job eventually, and after the first job you probably will never be asked about your GPA again. So take those skills and go do something that makes you happy. After 1 semester and after I have save my money. You're not alone man, far from it in fact. As I remember my sister’s advice “After you graduate and found a job your first job will be critical , why because that will determine for you if you really meant for engineering world or not, based on my experience”. The first computer I interacted with was my uncle’s monochrome PC clone. I never really had a dream so I just followed what my parents suggested. Having the least interest in sciences and getting science subjects that early, I knew that I was doomed to fail. I’ve become more hardworking in my studies. I will pass my board exam but of course you have to make actions. Remember my big brother always telling me about this major. When I started off in September, I loved it here. Very interesting.. I’m proud of you as well for what you’ve come so far. Surround yourself with great people who you will spend the rest of your college with, I’m sure it will help. Sure you might not get a job at one of the big names, but your first job is really the only time that GPA follows you. Don't feel discouraged! Or be a good son..finish it since you can academically always survive..then after fulfilling your parents dream…study accountancy…never too late..?gudluck..bless u, Hi… Same, I’m a civil engineer by profession and I’m an engineering instructor. But for you, I know you cam do that keep fighting no matter what ???? They have a huge advantage over non-degreed salesmen but much less stress than the engineering department. So I enrolled, with a heavy heart, for a chemical engineering course in one of the premier engineering schools in Manila. Well, it's not working out at all. I did not notice that I was already on my way finishing my third year this semester. And that’s when I said “I want to quit.” Do what makes you happy, but don't take the easy way out and simply quit. So no matter what choice you take, just make sure that you always take a moment and consider putting your own self interests and desires in front of everyone else's (this doesn't apply to everything, but I think it fits for this situation). I know a guy who double majored in English and philosophy, then went back for an engineering degree. 4-5 years of education do not dictate what you can do with your life. But I don’t – I actually never ambitioned to finish this course anyway because I was just forced into it. And to answer your question, YES. Anything good in your resume? It was feeling world upside down when your loved ones has to go up to the heavens , and leave you here on earth. It carries no weight for anything else, despite being able to do far, far more. I originally was prevet/premed at a prestigious big name university, but ended up transferring schools and switching to aerospace engineering when my advisor informed me there was no way in hell I was getting into medical school with a C in organic chemistry. 1.8K likes. and just like in Gineersnow quoted “You’ve worked to hard to quit now”. . thank you for the encouragement, but even if I try to get a job, I feel like i barely have any chance with low gpa and no internship. Most universities offer a number of engineering courses, from mechanical engineering and civil engineering to aerospace engineering and biomedical engineering. We, as Engineering students, we must pursue our dreams and don’t give up on what you teally want. Get out while you still can & its not really too late…lyk what u said…its what youll be doing for the rest of your life..you wouldnt want to be doing something you didnt like n the first place.. I felt very pressured to pick one even though I didn't really know what I wanted. You’ve come this far. Don't worry too much about the GPA. Graduate, try to get a retail job over the summer in between now and fall, and then once you're graduated start job surfing. While my parents think that I am most inclined in math, what they fail to realize is that science is one of my weak subjects. Fighting!! How long did it take you? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Engineering students have these gems in their bags. And still took chemical engineering. Study General Engineering – learn how to explore your passion for making and unmaking things. In this case you shouldn’t feel bad about quitting. Then as years goes by we’re having financial crisis ,my dad died unexpectedly when I was third year high school and then my mom died a month after I graduated from high school. Save. Back in high school I was good in numbers and communication. I am currently taking two classes. Save. They agree. I am lost. I fell into depression some time around my first year, second semester. And then after all you graduated and give them what they deserved then pursue your accountancy. I think the problem is my consciousness; my sister dropped out of nursing because she did terrible and ended up repeating years and had to change major to Art simply because she had nothing going on for her; she also had horrible personality, cussing at my mother and being lazy. I’ve already invested a lot of money and time to be here. If, however, you are at the beginning of your studies and you realise that you want to study something else, you have every right to end it. I guess most of you will tell me to just graduate since I got less than a year left, but how am I suppose to get a job at this rate. If it continues ti be like that, you’re just slowly killing yourself. If you are good at science and math but aren't sure what you want to do with your life, engineering is a safe starting major. I’ve thought of shifting to other courses which really is my passion, but never even made a move to do it. I’ll be praying for you. And I have realized that I hate engineering and yet I am still in engineering school. You might as well finish it off. You can definitely still get a job with a 2.4 - there was a post recently titled Engineers with below a 3.0 GPA - did you get a job? This content can be saved to the "My Activity" tab in your user profile. But I decided that all my hardworks and efforts would be a waste if I don’t finish what I started. In His perfect timing. Even now, I struggle to put what I feel into words. That’s why Tuesday morning, instead of attending my class, I went to the Guidance Office and asked for a counsel. This is what stops me from shifting since then but recently I just found out that I am already having a trauma. I'm now used to study a lot, so I won't have problem with this. It's a problem we've all faced, myself included. I looked at my classmates and thought about what keeps them to stay there. My parents already spent a lot for me already. I'd finish the degree unless you have something you'd like to transfer into. There are several reasons why one fails in the engineering board exam, and mostly it is different in each case, Why Engineering Students Should Not Study in Bed, Universities That Offer Free Engineering Courses Online. Hey man, I feel you, When I was in my first year in College of Electronics engineeing is like, why did I say yes to my parents to take this course. After that for two years in G.E taking up Qualifying Exam where you gonna chose what major you’re taking up and if you’re qualified enough for that particular field. I also questioned myself last christmas of why am I still here…. Have a good day! Plus, I am going to start all the way from the beginning if I do make the jump. emta ba2a myb2aaash fe mozakra wla emthanat :S !!!! My answer is no, and I’m just living with it. I have only recently gathered upon myself that I can take any course and finish it. Don’t feel confined to those specifically for your course, though – you can learn new and interesting information that might boost your grade and give your exam an edge simply by searching for a topic you’re interested in. I would suggest that you finish what you have started. Then I decided to shift in Civil engineering. Perhaps they really want to become chemical engineers. was he able to transfer credits for the classes he has already taken? And then she added up “If you feel you’re not really meant for that and found what you really want and passionate about then take up the program you really want in college, go study again but in your own expenses hahaha” and I said of course and I told her but before that I want to give you back, to my big bro and to my second parents the things that you deserve I will buy a house for us because we don’t have actually called “home” we just live there. I really wanted to pursue creative writing, but I started to love ChE, and decided to pursue it. Im taking BSEE and I don’t really want this. But I’m still dreaming that I wish I did take it up instead of chemical engineering. When I was about to graduate in high school, I was looking forward to take the Accountancy course in college. 1. But my advice would be, keep going. I have used that skill until now. Oh, life. Now, if you hate engineering in general, do your self a favor and change majors. Until my mom and my dad suggested that I take a course in engineering instead. I'm slowly beginning to realize that I don't want to do engineering anymore.. We can’t control time and circumstances so just show them how much you love them. My parents told me they cant support my studies so I started working when I was 19yrs old. Put in hard work. If you dream to have your own Construction firm, go for it, plan for it and do it with all your heart. Then after so begins I’m now taking major Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering. 4.1. Then I made many letters saying that I promise that i will pass all my subjects and I will never fail. I was afraid to be a failure for my parents. I remember that point, just a little too far along to make changing easy, yet just far enough from graduation to where it seem's impossible. They will do whatever it takes to get to the finish line. ” . Currently intern at Megawide, one of the biggest construction firm in Philippines. I actually hate math. Treasure the moments spending time with them because you will never know what will happen. Hi! Hey man my GPA is a 2.36. You can do it. Which type of engineering degree do I want to study? But since our government pays half of my tuition fee as an exemplary engineering student, I kept going. 2. I wanted to take med course for I wanted to be a doctor someday but yeah, this is how fate works. Just like Steve Jobs said always a great reminder to me he said “If you haven’t founded yet, keep looking and don’t settle, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. There, I broke down, all the pain I’ve been holding for so long, I actually managed to let it all out. 03:30PM Apr 23, 2018. Advice needed. Just finish now? All I've been doing these years is just keep having faith and telling myself "just hold it in, it'll get better, keep it up". Figure out what you want to do with your life (your goals) and work towards meeting them. What did he transfer to? The earlier, the better. Take the survey No thanks. Yep, I agree with a10. I have thoughts like you before, but my father told.me to finish what i started, pass the board, then pursue other courses if i want to. I feel you. You may be onto something great. You've got to "pay your dues". Looking forward to meet you in the Engineering world in the future man and to have grab some beer hahahaha. The jobs I have had systematically killed any desire to do software engineering any more. He will guide and listen to our prayer. Right now, iam looking forward for more challenges and lessons to come. Now, I’m already a registered chemical engineer, not that I hate it but I sometimes wish that I could turn back time and be brave enough to tell my parents what I really wanted, because right now I regretted I didn’t pursue culinary. A course that I am not passionate about doing. I really hope you enjoy the new content! If you are interested in the material and field you'll be fine. I am taking Civil Engineering but I wanted to study biology. My work is night time so It’s really hard to attend schools in the morning. I love them and I never want to fail them. I admit I am not best in setting ambitions so I usually just go with the flow. There's nothing wrong with … Hey guys, currently a mechanical engineering student planning to graduate next fall (so I got 1 1/2 semesters for now I guess). That answer begs, “Then why am I still here?”. An accounting-engineering qualification is an extremely good, highly sought after qualification. My family actually thought that I will not graduate cos I really don’t know what I really want. I just realized I would want to be a teacher after my 2nd year (though I am still 1st year standing). Are there Shortcuts in Studying Engineering? It's not easy but to be truly happy with your work you gotta find what you love and you'll never work a day in your life (so to speak). just sharing my ideas.. God Bless Brother ? I don't wanna do this anymore Lyrics Übersetzung. I keep sitting with my books but don’t study a word. … Actually I suck. It's okay to be selfish from time to time, especially when it comes to decisions concerning your well being. Gather an abundance of experience (and money if possible) then go back for a different degree when you think you're ready. but rather just say this for future reference: Look out for number one, you, yourself. Let me tell you my story. I realize your parents are trying to give you the best shot at life they can, but they can't live your life for you. You don’t have to write code if you don’t want to. Press J to jump to the feed. And yet I am here, a chemical engineering student. She called my parents and talked to them. 2 months from graduation and counting down every day! But then I continued, for the sake of the people helping me to go through the challenges of this course, especially my parents. I even envy you because you really know right from the start what you really want. What would you do if you were in Richard's position? How's it going for you? So to answer you question in my point of view is absolutely a big “YES” go for it and keep going and get finish what you started why? I would have made schedules and time tables for 1000 times but never follow. Almost all of my science subjects in high school – especially chemistry, oh god – just confused me. And, I realize it myself that I am still here because I want to test my self and my faith… aside from knowing that I came to love this course in the long run. It was a policy in my University that I enrolled for two years taking all general engineering subjects like algebra, plane and spherical trigonometry where my first subject failed , and minors like humanities and so on. I wanna disappear. Im so happy and grateful for what I have and what Im now. Hey Brother what if you finish first that course and then take the course that you desire its so that you didnt disappoint your parents and you didnt disappoint your passion ?? Never be ashamed to show and afraid to say I love you to them. It was my first choice I wanted to take up before entering college yet I didn’t because they said it was just cooking, I can learn it without taking classes. Irregardless you need to find your passion. My aunt had a TV and the whole neighborhood would cram into the livi It's better to just take a gap year and reapply if you're confident you don't want to do Engineering. It's easier to switch from a rigorous college major to an easier one, plus many of the courses required for engineering are transferable to other disciplines. Thank you for the advice and I'm sorry for confusing you. It pays the bills and allows me to enjoy life. My first semester in engineering school shocked me. I don't want to study anymore. I asked her, then she told me about the engineering and it’s major. W hen interviewing the students about their t houghts of educ ational choice in upper . Go for the course that you love habang maaga pa. Richard, I graduated as an ECE, passed the boards but I despise engineering. I don't think I want to be an engineer anymore. If you have the time (no commitments) then CONSIDER switching into something you wish to do. I graduated with a BS in Physics Engineering and have been working for a big engineering company since graduation for the past 5 years. I loved doing work, I got mostly A's on all my tests and assignments. I believe in you, in each of everyone of you that you will become an engineer and you will reach your dreams and goals. 1.5 years is nothing man it will feel like forever but will be over before you know it. The thing is that I've been getting financial aid with the funding from parents support. “I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore” is the first track and first single on Lucy Dacus’s debut album, No Burden, which was released on September 9, 2016.. Edit: a good job you can get is as an industry salesman, especially if you do a summer of retail. i. Now, Iam 5th yr student. You'll only be miserable for the rest of your life.. Based on you being a junior I'm going to assume that you are an adult, who is capable of making his own decisions about his own life. I mean I didn't really want to do engineering; I wanted to go few take classes and see where I fit in and decide on a major but my parents pressured me into getting into engineering same stuff like "you're meant to be engineering", "you're good at math, go for engineering", "engineering gives good pay, go for it"...etc. only experience i have is cashier job and volunteering at hospital. I’m Richard, a third year engineering student from Manila, Philippines. I ended up in engineering. By doing this, you create flexibility—if you don’t like one discipline or department, you might be able to transfer to a … I have the same question like two years ago.. and actually up until now. Of course, they were shocked but I’m still lucky coz they understood me which I thought they won’t if I will talk to them. Remembering when I was a fresh man General Engineering?, got confused back then why so General Engineering, I thought it be like Mechanical or Industrial Engineering and other major. I have management experience, more life experience, and I am more mentally healthy than i was at 18-19. 26 shares. You can also opt for a general engineering degree. Computers fascinated me when I was young. So I failed, 3 subjects. But I focus on my major GPA as it much better shows how I am with my major. I too am not very good with science. Just know this will mean an additional couple years of school and no sizable income for this time. I keep on fighting until last Tuesday I couldn’t bear anymore. I hope you, too, will learn to love ChE. I also searched about the career I was going to pursue and I envisioned myself successful in that path. I was in the same position. And then I decided to pursue it and finish it because I told myself ” I came to this far so why quit now? In case where you have found a great idea to start a new business and earn money, then maybe there is no need to study anymore. Sure I'm "behind," but not really. Life isn’t easy when you’re a chemical engineering student. Your email address will not be published. Everything happens for a reason and God will not put you in that situation for nothing. To be honest, I have the same experience. I felt the world’s weight on my shoulders with these subjects – I can’t emphasize it enough that I do not like science. I got stuck on the same problem as you are. This time, the counsellor said if it will make me happy then I should chase what my heart wants and that’s studying Biology. Im always excited for every morning, every opportunity that comes and I never forget of course to pray to God. How do you get to study when you have zero motivation to do so? I guess I just didn't want anyone to get stressed or worried because of my education. Currently I am now Fourth year student irregular which have many subjects to catch up. If after graduation and you feel that its not really what you wanted, believe that everything will fall into place and you will get the right job that you enjoy. Now, I still struggle to find my post in engineering, I suck at electronics, my telecommunications are getting unfamiliar, I find it hard to shift to IT industry. Hi, you were just me and the difference is just that I was so lost in my 3rd and 4th year that I don’t even know what I wanted even until now. The key is to have something you have mad skills in, no matter what the field is. Having a degree – particularly an engineering degree – is never a bad thing. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As of now, I can’t assure you that the result is good. I really enjoyed it. I'm currently making in the range of $75-$80K right now which isn't too bad. I asked around colleagues who are accountancy students to know if it is the best fit for me considering my math skills. My family members didn't have good relation either (especially my father's side) so I guess I was unconsciously thinking like "if both me and my sisters mess things up, things won't go well in my family". It might seem like a long time left right now, but in 5-10 years you don't want to look back and think "fuck if i had only stayed for a few months", New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the EngineeringStudents community, Continue browsing in r/EngineeringStudents. If this isn't what you want to do you need to be absolutely sure. I don't wanna do this anymore Original Songtext. Head to our article on engineering degree discipline choices for more help on making this decision. In the meantime learn to set aside your dreams just a little bit nlang then go for your dream na after mo mag engineer. So they gave me a chance. I saw her doing Autocad. Im proud to say that Im civil engineering student and my goals is to become registered engineer in November 2018. And for you bro, just pray for it and ask Him those questions you wanted to find out because He will make it all clear to you just like what He did to me. Take some time off to think. I was very interested in my subject the engineering drawing. Electrical Engr here.. I was unhappy. What makes it worse on my side is that, I am the first grandchild on my father’s side. Both wanted to have a son that is a chemical engineer. Listen to your heart, don’t give up and always look at the brighter side. I tell myself that I will do whatever it takes. After all, you’re studying one of the most challenging subjects imaginable. Honestly back then I want to become a soldier and enroll in PMA , that is my ambition in life in that time. Time flew fast for me in engineering school. | http://www.facebook.com/tomeny13 Twitter! I said I want to go back in Engineering. Hey guys, sorry about the delay. I don’t feel like studying at any time. Yet, I still enrolled last january and retake that subject… Then I came up with the conclusion that at some point, maybe I don’t even realize that somehow I grew love for this course… ’cause I struggle my way up and pass those subjects I thought I couldn’t for the last two years and a half of being an engineering student… and now, I’m retaking my major subject even though I know that there will still a great possibility of failing it this sem. Now, I’m failing a lot fo Chemical Engineering subjects but I’m still fighting. I stuck with it and made it through. But that's just me. It's not even like I don't get it or anything, I just feel tired all the time and haven't been studying for my exams. The feeling you want to give them back with love and all the things they deserve because of their unconditonal love and sacrifices. I took up chemical engineering not because it was forced on me, I took it up because they said its going to give me many opportunities after college, its a good course, blah, blah, blah and it’s cool to be called engr. After that, I studied and focus in School cos I really want to make my dreams come true. Check out our comprehensive guides. Man, we’re on the same boat. taking up BSEE even though I knew in the first place that I don’t like math and physics (but I don’t hate them…it’s just that I don’t have a feeling of liking these subjects when I was in high school)…And I really wasn’t planning of taking up engineering it’s just that, this is the course suggested to me when I took up and passed the entrance exam in our institute. People have a lot of expectations from me and even I have. I’ve change alot cos I decided to change for the better. (I don’t even know what it was.) I saw them how hard they earned money, working long hours a day just to support my college studies. I read alot of motivational quotes, i watch motivational video in YouTube and it helps me alot. I like Science and engineering, but I don’t want to study it. And now, I came to the point when I asked God if I am supposed to be here because looking back, just last sem make my sem this year to be my edge …for failing one of my major subjects, for the first time…. But the question stays, “Is this what I really want to do for the rest of my life?”. Those companies need some metric to narrow down all of the students, and GPA is the easy one. This is a place for engineering students of any discipline to discuss study methods, get homework help, get job search advice, and find a compassionate ear when you get a 40% on your midterm after studying all night. Interested in studying abroad? Don't make yourself suffer. No matter how I say that I do not like science, I make sure that I pass, to the very least, the science subjects that I take. Remember the name AirDisc because one of these days, this technological breakthrough will revolutionize the way you see air conditioners. Like I hate math and science, but I failed so many times in my other subjects my classmates are graduated last semester and I’m still here in college. Even if you’re going to end up with a dream job afterwards, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you would change if you could. I keep on getting absenton my classes. I told my parents while they are still alive back then and they told me it’s really risky and dangerous and I said to them back then I’m ready to die fighting for my country, “WOW HOW NOBLE I AM BACK THEN” hahahaha just sharing. Then I shifted psychology bec I got really interested studying the the behavior of human. I still want to go to school, but I don't even know for what subject. So she told me that after I graduate and find a job that will answer to my questions. And if it's not then I would recommend keeping on with it until you find what you want. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Arizona State - Mechanical Engineering 2017. And even if you don't want to have a career in engineering, having that degree will open so many doors for you. Study hard amd make your family, loved ones proud of you. Then I was so curious what’s her doing. Knowing that, i decided to stop in 1 semester. Engineers don't just study science and math. Recently I was in a class, my mind wandered from the teacher’s discussion. And always show your love and compassion to them. I can say that This is what I really want. And I have a problem communicating with my mom and my dad. Goldfish With Swimming Ailment Gets Help from a Custom-Made ‘Wheelchair’, Confessions: I’m A Female Engineer and I Fight Misogyny Everyday, My Secret in Becoming the First Placer in the Electrical Engineering Board Exam. Because someday, all your sacrifices will worth it. Then i have this roommate in my dorm who’s studying electronic and communication engineering.

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