is it normal to feel sick a week after surgery

It took me 2 weeks to feel like I was getting back to normal. The antibiotics are strong and they make you feel a bit sick and give you diarrhoea. I am back 90% normal. You should feel better after 1 to 2 weeks. Tell your doctor or nurse if the weakness continues for more than a few weeks. You should inspect your incision every day for a few weeks after surgery and check your temperature every day at the same time. No one knows how their body is going to react to the different drugs given. 0 comment. This is common. It hurts to even try to pass gas. Currently the day after surgery and I feel terrible, zofran definitely does not help me at all. In the beginning I did not feel doing any exercise, you need to push yourself to go out there and start, then increase gradually.This is the only way to get back your health. Eating problems. Good nutrition is very important in helping you heal well. Pooping after having a hysterectomy isn’t that bad, but it’s also not good. If you're following instructions and not eating things you shouldn't, you really shouldn't feel that bad, feeling like crap or throwing up all the time, by now. The food is wonderful, even the first week. Is this normal ? By Dr. Tambetta Ojong. Everything you just wrote is pretty normal. Still some weird pains but I think it's just my insides healing Hi, after my laparoscopy I was not too tired but the first time I was put under general anesthetic ( for a very minor surgery) I was really tired for two weeks so I think it could just be that. 0 EXPERT ANSWERS 3 weeks post septum surgery with … Is it common to feel dizzy and nauseous after cataract surgery? M. Reply. My stomach is shrinking, and I can’t believe the small portions that satisfy me. It's usually the anesthesia OR pain reliever if you get them. Patients usually begin to feel a little stronger each day at this point after lumbar fusion surgery, but need to be aware of infection risks and medication safety issues.. Incision Healing. MAR 03, 2014. Malaise. I came home from the hospital weighing 246 lbs. So im off to a shrink. First week I was wiped out. As far as the drains... everyone you ask has a different number of days/weeks they have had to endure them. 2 thanks. I recommend to be patient with yourself and know that you will get there, but it may take as long as 3 weeks. the extraction of teeth in general leaves "a hole" in your jaw called dental socket that is filled with blood coagulum. 2. Don't get discouraged; your recuperation period will allow the body to heal, replenish its … and feel i need to lay down and rest. I expect to be fully off the crutches in another month. There may be tests and more tests, a search for the right surgeon or a second opinion, and even time spent trying to decide where to have the surgery performed. Just depends on the person. Im one week post op now and still on liquid diet. Still no signs of improvment. said, “[ClearFast PreOp] really made the difference in my recovery. Overall, about one third of people (1 in 3) will experience a feeling of sickness after having an operation, but it depends on what operation you are having, what anaesthetic and other drugs you receive, and on … For many people, preparing for surgery is a process that takes weeks or even months before the procedure is actually done. I accepted that … 1 Some symptoms to be aware of include: Fever (101 degrees or higher) Stay away from people who have colds, sore throats, or the flu. Ended up losing 8 pounds in 1 day. After the getting through the first two weeks after gastric sleeve surgery, your stomach has now begun starting to adjust to its new form and functions. November 1, 2018, 8:03 PM • 7 min read. I had keyhole surgery for tubal reversal with some exploration & d&c while they were in there. The sensitivity of the chest, the pain in the chest and both legs, the numbness in the legs and left hand (it still is 90 days after surgery), challenges of showering, walking with chest brace etc all took a huge effort. My last TURBT took a little longer to recover from, but I did have a nasty UTI about a week after the surgery. You shouldn't be surprised to find that one day you feel strong, while the next day you feel tired and weak. Went back to sleep only to wake up at 11am feeling the weakest I have ever been. After surgery; Getting back to normal; Don't be surprised if you feel very tired when you get home, especially if you have had a major operation or a general anaesthetic. 1. Ask your primary healthcare provider when you can drive again, or return to work. Abdominal pain after hernia surgery can affect your appetite (desire to eat) and can keep your bowels from working normally. It may take 2 to 3 weeks for you to recover completely. Not normal: Pain 10 weeks after your surgery is not normal and you should notify the surgeon who performed the procedure. Kristina, I don't think it is out of the realm of normal and possibility feeling lousy several days after surgery. Rest and limit your activity for 7 to 10 days after surgery. Does surgery commonlly bring on a mental illness? I always get sick after surgery. I feel helpless. It takes me at least 10 days before I start feeling better. About six weeks. Question: I recently had a toric lens implanted in my left eye after having a cataract removed. Others can go through surgery without getting sick at all. I am not experiencing any direct discomfort to the eye, however, I am dizzy and nauseous. Day of surgery I was throwing up everything I drank. If you keep in mind that the recovery after your surgery has taken you out of your normal routine and represents a significant stress to your organism as a hole, you will know to give yourself time to gain inner and outer strength. Is it common to feel this way two days after surgery? Things seem pretty normal right now, though. Many surgical patients are discharged shortly after undergoing surgery, so be aware of the earliest symptoms of infection. I'm 3 weeks post surgery today & I feel great. As nerve endings heal after surgery, it’s totally normal to feel sharp but short-lived pangs in your breasts, particularly in the nipples. with my legs swollen to twice their size. Not everyone feels sick after an operation or anaesthetic, although it is a very common problem. I am one week post surgery. 3 weeks post op from sinus surgery, was wondering if it is normal to feel sick, tired, no energy all the time? Bearing down made me feel like I was going to explode my insides. It started litterally the day after my first clavical surgery, may 6 2011. You didn't mention what type of surgery you had. Send thanks to the doctor. I had a robotic hysterectomy ( The DiVinci Robot) I was extremely bloated after surgery, and it hurt so bad and it feels like the gas will not come out. Also after the first surgery 6 weeks ago, the hospital staff screwed up and set my IV drip to 500ml per hour for 4 days. At three months after surgery, I am walking between 5 - 7.5 miles a day (four to five 1.5 mile loops each day) using one arm crutch. All surgery carries some level of post-surgical infection risk 1. The free recipes (especially for weeks 5-8) are amazing and absolutely gorgeous! You may have a low fever and feel tired and sick to your stomach. 1 doctor agrees. I’ve had to take many different laxatives and stool softeners so I could move my bowels. He thinks its a mental illness. Infection can occur directly at the incision site or within surrounding areas of the body. But it's important to try to move around as soon as possible and follow your doctor's advice on getting active again. For those who call me asking how long it will take for the pain to go away and if it is normal to feel pain after gallbladder surgery, I ... and Deborah, I cannot thank you enough. For some people, yes. Additionally, pain can also affect your mood (how you feel about things) and your relationships with others. I felt alert and didn’t have nausea when I awoke from surgery. ClearFast has received a number of rave reviews from patients who normally get sick after anesthesia who report that, after taking ClearFast, they didn’t experience the post-op nausea and vomiting they normally do. A 34-year-old member asked: got surgery 5/20/11 had a tear in rotator remove my bursa sac an shaved collar bone. Julie says September 2, 2013 at 7:03 am. I have no energy to walk, i feel discomfort after i drink any soup etc. The feeling of fatigue and weakness is a common sign of a systemic infection. Normal would be about 50ml per hour. This may cause you to oversleep and lack energy to perform your normal duties. You are describing an absolutely normal feeling. During weeks 3 and 4 your body is starting its weight-loss transformation and coming into line with the new calorie limitations and once again having food in the diet rather than just liquids. They can suggest things to help, such as physiotherapy. Shiam- My own experience; it’s now 7 months after my last dose, and I am playing normal tennis once a week, going to the Gym twice a week, and golf twice a week, yoga for 1 hour every morning. Take care and get to the doctor for a swab. Pooping after you have a baby is quite possibly more terrifying than having the baby itself. You should only do as much as you feel able to in the days after your operation. Im abit concerned because im always feeling weak after each meal. Saw my doc again yesterday after having the hardware removed. Surgery for oesophageal cancer is a major operation. You are fine. You may get sick more easily after surgery. On average, about 20,000 people die from the flu every year. Long after my surgery, I started to. As a result I gained more than 40 lbs of water weight in 4 days, which came off in the week after I got home. I was about 12 days. I … Couldn’t keep anything down but later that night around 3 am I felt amazing. Holding onto my tummy did not help. In fact, L.C. Most people feel weak and lack strength for some time afterwards. its still really sore an fatigue/weak why? Hope you get better soon xxx This may make you not eat after surgery. Surgical incision site infections are most likely to arise about 2 to 4 weeks after surgery. It is still early for you and I think you will feel better each week----I was sick for about three weeks before the surgery where I couldn't eat at all and then after the surgery, I still had nausea too and some discomfort---a drug that really helped is carafate---it addresses the bile reflux that sometimes follows this type of surgery as opposed to the acid reflux. I was walking four or five 1 mile loops at 8 weeks post surgery, so I have been very mobile. 0. Right now I am 205. Is it normal to feel sick after the flu shot? Also you have to think that even if you are resting , your body is busy with the healing process and that takes more energy than you might think. Remember, fatigue is normal after a major operation like heart surgery. How long this lasts varies. If you're sick/auceous when you eat at this point, you should let your surgeon know. However it’s worth it to greatly reduce the pain and being able to poo easily due to the diarrhoea is also a great relief after the surgery! This will help you to identify any signs of infection early. Yes, it's normal for a lot of people. After laparoscopic surgery, you are likely to have pain for the next several days. I told Rand, months after the fact that “I wish I hadn’t needed brain surgery.” And he stared at me for a beat before saying, “Well, of course.” It was such a simple, normal way to feel, but I’d not given it any credence.

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