production technology of tomato in pakistan

Variable of the study were area, area allocation decisions of farmer, customer structure, markets, costs involved in production process and revenue earned from selling of the produce in both local and in export market. Nut., 8(1): 620-624. Hosts and Viruses Export intensity is the common measure of export performance of a firm or country (Reis and Forte, 2014). In Pakistan 50 million people are working in agriculture sector and producing 25 million tons of food grains (Hussain and Akram, 2008). 1996. External Market Conditions, Competitiveness, Diversification and Pakistan’s Export Performance. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. If you wish to opt out, please close your SlideShare account. Various crops produced at FMP were tomato on vine, cherry tomato, bell pepper and other mixed vegetables. Conventional methods failed to increase productivity in the past. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. This rationalization decreased capital cost to Rs. Sample firm was Farmers Market Pvt. Average yield of tomato obtained in hydroponics production system in Pakistan was 162 ton per hectare … For producer, FoB prices were more preferable. J. Bot. A report for the Rural Industries Res. 2:  pp. Marketing is the process of selling goods in local and international market. Pakistan Economic Survey 2013-14. Rosegrant. It is important to maintain good moisture level during its growing period. Hussain, J., A.L. Government of Pakistan c 2014. US Farm Income, Congressional Res. meter. First crop was sown in July 2009 and four successive crops had been sown every year and the data on all economic and production parameters were collected which provided the main body of data for present study. Scribd will begin operating the SlideShare business on December 1, 2020 If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. In hydroponics, tomato yield can be increased up to 750 tons per hectare (Smith, 2007). The trends of gardening are increasing day by day. Cultivated area in Pakistan is also limited. Export orientation: Export intensity is the ratio of export of a firm to its sales. Res. FAO Agricultural Services Bulletin 151 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Rome, 2004 ISBN 92-5-104991-2. Modern technologies have increased 35.75% tomato production just in 10 years. 3, HS788, series of the Hortic. The Pakistan development review. Ronde. FMP was producing high quality products on international standards. in SWOTanalysis - a hybrid method and its application to a forest-certification caseq Forest Policy and Economics 1 _2000. Study is based on primary data collected by the researcher. To share on other social networks, click on P-share. All the clients (100%) demanded CNF prices of CIF prices. Jensen, M. H. 1999. In comparison to traditional tomato production, this technique yielded surprisingly promising results with higher yield, better quality and low inputs cost to the farmers. Ltd which is unique entity involved in commercial production of hydroponic products in Pakistan. Middle East (ME) and Europe is the potential markets for hydroponics products of Pakistan. per annum (Table 7). Lorch and M.W. Bader S., 2006. Mustafa 1997. 4 (10): 1215-1216. 2004, 70(1): 52–59, ARC–Roodeplaat, Private Bag X293, Pretoria 0001, South Africa. All international agencies have been focusing on this alarming situation of high population growth rate on the basis of their long run projections (Pinstrup et al., 1999; Braun, 2007 and 2008). We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Tomato Production Technology BCR: BCR was calculated by dividing Gross benefits with total cost (Equation 4). With advances in weed and disease control technology, this type of production may become more feasible in the future. Many people are spending their time as a hobby for planting to attain fresh vegetables and fruits. Latest technologies have dramatically increased the production of the crop. J. Biol. In that year, approximately 182 million metric tons of tomatoes were produced worldwide. Alertor, O., A.A. Oshodi and K. Ipinmoroti. Vegetable growers can substantially increase their income by greenhouse cultivation of vegetables in off season as the vegetables produced in the normal season generally do … Prices in UAE market face more global competition as compared to other destination due to volume of the market. Rawalpindi. SWOT analysis can be used in relation to some other models for improving its efficiency in decision making (Kurtilla et al., 2000). Variable inputs include labor, energy (WAPDA electricity bills, diesel for generators during load shedding hours and Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG used during 2009-10), input supplies (chemicals, growing supplies, Rockwool, coco peat slabs, etc. Pak. 357. Pakistan is among the low vegetable consumption prevalence countries where vegetable consumption prevalence was estimated as 99.2% in men and 99.3% in women (Hall et al., 2009). Biol. World food prospects: Critical issues for the early Twenty First Century. 40 million per ha. In hydroponics production system, cost of production is higher even from off season vegetables production system due to its industrialized nature and need equipment and machinery for running every operation and further automation of the system. of Labor 2014. This yield stagnancy is forcing Pakistan to import tomato of worth Rs. Energy Sources ( Jatropha oil as bio -diesel ) A Series of Presentation t... 46. The pH should be 7-8. During initial years the ratio of local sale to export was very high, i.e., during 2009-10, local sale to export ratio was 1: 4.88 (. Citation | Malik, A.M., K.M. One cart is enough for one acre of green house. Veterinary Sciences: Research and Reviews, What would like to do? 2011. FMP was involved in selling its products in local and export market. These are suitable under different conditions. Pinterest. Finance Division, GoP. Springer US. Export and Domestic Sales: Their Interrelationship and Determinants, Strateg. 9.2 billion during 2011-12 (GoP, 2013). Largest tomato producing countries export their best quality tomatoes with high prices. Price variability in perishable commodities is the major problem in global market. 2000. These structures have several advantages and disadvantages. Hydroponics technology is the technology of the future and Pakistan is forced to adopt this technology based on continuous warnings from World Bank on severe food situation in future because of rapidly increasing population. Rev. 2004. Average yield of tomato in Pakistan was observed to be around 10 ton/ha (Figure 1). This poses a constraint to the increase in supply of food in the country. The basic investment on green houses and other machinery and equipment’s used to run the system was Rs. Tomato production technology A Lecture By Mr Allah Dad Khan Visiting Professor the University of Agriculture Peshawar Pakistan Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Pakistan Journal of Zoology This graph shows the global vegetable production in 2018, broken down by type. and S.S. Kadam. 0. 159-168. Heever, H.J. ResearchersLinks is a member of CrossRef, CrossMark, iThenticate. Technol. Irrigation in tomato production is quite important for healthy growth of plants, quality and quantity of fruits. Export markets for hydroponics products of Pakistan. Labor and energy cost can further be decreased by improving efficiency of the system through indigenization. All rights Reserved. 1999. Cost of production of tomato is higher than other off-season crops (Bala et al., 2011). Pakistan’s Agricultural Development since Independence: Intertemporal Trends and Explanations. Yield of hydroponic tomatoes was measured in hectares. Foreign reserves will improve. Back ground paper submitted for joint FAO/ WHO conference 1-3 September 2004 Workshop on Fruits and vegetables for Health, Kobe, Japan. Export intensity was calculated by dividing export sales of the firm by total sales of the firm in the specific period (Equation 2) following (Soloman, 2005). Myles. 26: 855–871 (2005) Published online in Wiley Inter-Science ( Meat Sciences and Veterinary Public Health Production Technology of Tomato Under Protective Horticulture. Vegetables can play very important role in combating hunger and malnutrition (Rensburg et al., 2004). The expenditure on food was mainly determined by socio-economic factors in Pakistan (Habib et al., 2015). In India, according to Indiastat, are under Tomato cultivation is 814000 ha during 2018 – 19 and the production is 20515000 MT (metric tons). J. 32.50m. Ranking of Pakistani Scientists by Pakistan Council for Science & Technology. This cost was still on higher side as everything used in erection of these green houses were imported from Holland, ultimately increasing the extra cost burden on the project. Therefore, we will let you know the economics of 1 acre regular tomato cultivation. DOI |, Keywords | Hydroponic, Vegetable, Cost benefit, Economics, Financial viability, Productivity, JEL. Sarhad J. Agric. Enhanced competition in the export market might be the other factor contributing to the decreasing trend of export sales. Ltd. (FMP), a company registered in Pakistan with Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under company’s ordinance 1984 during 2003, is the main body in this study. Science, Religion and Culture The major limiting factors in marketing were observed as scale of production and shortage of supply. The market competitiveness behavior of FMP products was different in different markets depending upon substitution and income effect. Price fluctuation was envisaged in case of tomato on vine due to availability of substitute. Supply of hydroponics products provides solution to the problem of decade old stagnancy in yield of the vegetables especially tomato to cater the increasing demand due to gigantic population increase. PROVINCE WISE AVERAGE YIELD OF TOMATO FROM 1980-81 TO 2017-18 (Average Yield 40 Kg. FMP. 41-52. Market Shares in global imports. Khan 2015. Net Farm Income of FMP was found by deducting fixed cost from gross margins. Dev. It is engaged in agriculture consultancy and farm management businesses. This technology may be tested near routes of CPEC for provision of fresh food in difficult areas of Baluchistan and Makran coasts as specific crops calamities easily in these areas with the help of hydroponics technology ultimately reducing cost of production and investment. By. SWOT analysis: It’s time for a product recall, Long Range Planning, Volume 30, Issue 1, February 1997, Pages 46–52. The yield of tomato is stagnant over last five decades. As of this date, Scribd will manage your SlideShare account and any content you may have on SlideShare, and Scribd's General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will apply. Syst. Threats: a): Most of the Salts used in hydroponics are still imported in Pakistan; b): Taste issue (hydroponics products are mostly used uncooked as table products in the shape of Salad); c): Load shedding of electricity and natural gas can adversely affect productivity. This was successful policy and provides revenue during these days/ months. These factors guide in SWORT analysis of the hydroponics production firm. They also provide important biochemical and nutrients like carotene, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, iron, calcium etc. Calif. Press on behalf of the Nat. Journal of Innovative Sciences were also analyzed. 16.25 million per hectare was used as fixed cost for further analysis with an average life of twenty years, thus incurring annual fixed cost of Rs. Prod. Service 7-5700. R40152. Socio-economics determinants of rural household food expenditure in Rawalpindi, Pakistan J. Agric. Pricing mechanism of hydroponics products in local and export market. 2005. Yield Potential of Some Exotic and Local Tomato Cultivars Grown for Summer Production, Pak. Productivity enhancement and equitable development: Challenges for SME development, Combating Marginalization and Poverty through Industrial Development, UNIDO research programme, Strategic Research and Economics Branch, Programme Coordination and Field Operations Division, UNIDO. Customer value proposition of FMP products. It supports farmer in understanding return from labor, management and capital (Wikipedia, 2015). Economical production of hydroponics tomato improves the productivity and farmers profitability. Braun, J.V. 1969. Production of Greenhouse Tomatoes-Florida Greenhouse Vegetable Production Handbook, Vol. This rapid development of local market is a clear indicator of future prospects of hydroponics technology in the country. Ltd. 2001). Vol.25, No.4. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences Average yield obtained in hydroponics in Pakistan is 168 tons per hectare as compared to national average of ten tons per hectare. Minist. Crops remain in production for remaining nine months of the year. This video contains Production Technology of Tomato Cultivation, The Process from plantation to harvesting are discussed step by step with the recommendations of … FMP is the only commercial hydroponic entity in Pakistan. The same volume of local sale doubled in 2012-13 i.e., Rs.1.29 million. Hydroponic technology is a capital-intensive technology involving development of infrastructure which has positive impact on productivity and growth (Imran, 2011). Factors contributed in development of local market were introduction of new products, price stabilization policy in one big market of Rawalpindi /Islamabad, flexible prices on low grade product, price negotiations with chain stores, massive marketing campaign through exhibitions and seminars and opening new markets and customers. Well drained light soils are good for early crop whereas heavy yields are obtained when grown in silt loam or clay loam. Maximum yield of cherry tomato recorded was 57±26 t/ha. Table 6: Distribution pattern of fixed cost of a hydroponic firm (FMP). A product that is high in potassium and low in sodium is likely to produce a good potassium-sodium balance in the human body, and so protects against osteoporosis and heart disease. Food and Agriculture Organization of UN statistics. At micro level, farmers income will increase multiple times and the horticulture sector become high tech. as compared to 10 ton per ha in open field as reported by GoP, 2013. Monthly bulletin of FBS August 2014. 1961. Hydroponic technology has been tested in Pakistan and the technology has been proved to be successful in increasing productivity. Cultivation in Aggregate Hydroponics - A Case Study from Coimbatore Region of Tamil Nadu, India. Average yield of hydroponic tomatoes was found to be 161.8±6.6 ton per hectare as against 10.07±0.4 in open field. Various factors identified in analysis have been further examined and measures have been suggested to improve supply of tomato in Pakistan. All the major consumer chain stores were the clients of FMP hydroponics products (Table 2). Abstract | Hydroponics production system is state of the art technology, ensuring round the year high quality vegetables free from any residual effects and multiple time productivity in specially developed glasshouses under controlled weather conditions during summer and winter. This technology can increase productivity of vegetables in the country and revolutionize the horticultural sector. Crinò, R. and P. Epifani. Fixed inputs include expenditure incurred on land, building, Green house machinery, computer and relation equipment’s, Electrical equipment’s, furniture, fixture and equipment’s, office equipment’s, vehicles and other physical assets. Their cost varies from Rs. Pakistan is the country of about 188.02 million people (GoP, 2014), the world sixth biggest populated country (United Nation, 2014). Horizontal expansion in terms of area is limited but vertical expansion has greater scope as average yield of different crops is lower in Pakistan relative to the world average (. Tomato production in Pakistan was 530 thousand tones during 2011. Tomato production processing and technology, 9. Patil. 428 m. on only two hectare, one can develop rationale hydroponic greenhouses suitable for semi-arid region with cost of just Rs 32.50 million on same area. Rev. Rising population and stagnancy both in yield of vegetables and cultivated area of the country, are negatively affecting food supply in Pakistan. Med. Hydroponics is a capital intensive modern technology and is tested in Pakistan by a company known as Farmers Market Pvt. Aptamers and Synthetic Antibodies Khan. FAO. The per capita per annum consumption of vegetables as per FAOSTAT Food Balance Sheet database was 26.34, 88.71, 46.24, 28.97, 114.09 and 27.34 kg in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bangladesh respectively. Per capita consumption of vegetable during 1960 was 10.6 grams per day (Khan, 1969). Furthermore, a simple local made hydroponic structure with efficient cooling system (Pad-wall System) and local heating system can be prepared with a cost of Rs. Learn more. According to United State Department of Agriculture, “hydroponics is a process of growing plants in nutrient solution culture (Syrocki, 1961), this solution provides nutrients to the plants for normal growth of the plant. 2002. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research, 31(2): 133-144. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Potato production in Pakistan. Staff-February 2, 2018. Traditional farming ( difference between traditional and conventional far... 50. Sci. Supply of vegetable will increase in domestic market and increase in per capita consumption will improve health of the consumers. FMP was producing tomato on vine, bell pepper and cherry tomato under hydroponics system.,,,,,,,,,,,, In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Medicinal Plant Extracts, Influence of Plant Growth Regulators by Foliar Application on Vegetative and Floral physiognomies of Gladiolus, Fiber Quality Studies with Respect to Different Cotton Insect Pests using Multivariate Analysis, Evaluation of Advanced Mung Bean Germplasm against Cercospora Leaf Spot and its In-vitro Management by Different Fungicides, Lulu Hypermarket, Shahzad Zafar Trading Est., Saudi Hypermarkets, Delmonte, Grand Castle Trading Establishment, Unifruti Middle East, Pan Fresh International, The Fresh Corner, Amer Super Fresh, Spital Field Market London, Electricity, LPG, diesel for backup Genset, Chemicals for recipe and growing supplies, Sales Promotion, exhibition, logistics and transportation. Green house Hydroponics industry status report, Hydroponics worldwide. By up-scaling the green houses, all these potential clients demand can be tapped. Computer and related items were required for controlling daily operations of the glass houses and maintenance of comfortable system for crop for avoiding human error.

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