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Email: [email protected], Deloitte Consulting LLP Virginia Beach Annapolis Junction , NJ Email: [email protected], UnitedHealth Group / Optum Tucson Tampere Hellerup , GA Email: [email protected], Davis + Henderson Smyrna Rotkreuz USA Email: [email protected], Pearlman Tank Consulting LLC , NY , Oh USA Email: [email protected], McKesson Provider Technologies Email: [email protected], 3M Company Farmington Hills Baltimore Seattle Email: [email protected], Booz Allen Hamilton Email: [email protected], Tieto Czech Thiruvananthapuram , VA You can earn an SEI certificate by completing a set curriculum in a particular topic area within a two-year span. Lahore Hartford Charlotte Ukraine , CA Atlanta , Lviv Email: [email protected], TRX, Inc. USA Rotkreuz Email: [email protected], Raytheon Canada , Ontario Email: [email protected], Travelers Email: [email protected], Software Assurance Engineering Pakistan Phoenix Finland, Roche Diagnostics International AG Lviv Washington , OH , IL Finland Email: [email protected], BANCO BHDLEON London Email: [email protected], AXIS Capital , OK 45. Canada Finland, UPS USA USA Email: [email protected], Deloitte Consulting LLP USA Email: [email protected], SoftServe Inc. Richmond USA Mexico Email: [email protected], TietoEnator HealthCare Email: [email protected], Synechron Inc , TN Moon Twp Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Pre-Approved for CompTIA CEUs Note: Approved training courses in this document are subject to change without prior notification. USA Schaenis USA , IL USA USA USA USA , AZ Email: [email protected] Canada Email: [email protected], Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Email: [email protected], Wells Fargo and Company Email: [email protected], Discovery USA Email: [email protected], Boeing Hyderabad Find additional resources that can help you decide which software engineer certificate is right. USA USA , NY , NY , MA Sao Paulo Email: [email protected], HCL Technologies Email: [email protected], EWE TEL GmbH , Cundinamarca Dallas , OH Pittsburgh USA Email: [email protected], Jhubei City NJ Email: [email protected], Fortinet , NH USA Email: [email protected], BAE Systems, Inc , Az Email: [email protected], Tanager, Inc. Email: [email protected], Nationwide PCIT Folsom Harrisburg Gaithersburg Seattle Professional Software Master Certification ... Models & Methods, Software Engineering Management, Software Engineering, and Software Engineering Economics. Email: [email protected], DHL Global Forwarding Sweden Denmark Riyadh Email: [email protected], Cyber Security Division, Ministry of Electronics & IT These principles include analyzing user requirements and then designing, building, and testing software to satisfy those requirements. , CA Richmond USA Lahore , DC KUOPIO USA CERT Incident Response Process Professional Certificate,CERT Information Security Professional Certificate,CERT Certificate in Digital Forensics. Email: [email protected], Samsung SDS Email: [email protected], Deloitte Email: [email protected], Northrop Grumman IT / TASC USA , VA Budapest Email: [email protected], Atlantic Lottery Corp. Pittsburgh , PA United Kingdom Belarus Email: [email protected], Tieto Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd , AL Email: [email protected], Northrop Grumman Email: [email protected], Roche Diagnostics SL USA National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies Home » National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies NICET certification is recognized—and even required—by many employers and government agencies throughout the US and internationally as assurance that an individual has mastered the critical elements in a specific discipline of engineering technology. Email: [email protected], The Boeing Company Email: [email protected], 3M Company , Nova Scotia Email: [email protected], Booz Allen Hamilton Email: [email protected], A2 Technology Partners, Inc. USA Email: [email protected], Baldwin & Lyons, Inc. Aurora Copenhagen, DELOITTE CONSULTING LLP USA , MD , Ct USA , FL , KS Email: [email protected], GM Financial Citizenship and Immigration Services (DHS) USA Email: [email protected], Roche Diagnostics Email: [email protected], Deloitte , Oh Email: [email protected], Intuit, Inc. Arlington USA The SEI works with organizations to improve software engineering capabilities by … , OK Alexandria Charlotte Email: [email protected], Hewlett-Packard Czech Republic Houston Both universities have come together to pave 'a silk road for education', linking China to the Caribbean and the rest of the western world. Email: [email protected], Roche Diagnostics USA Washington SEI Software Architecture Professional Certificate,SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method Evaluator Certificate,SEI Software Product Line Professional Certificate . Newport Email: [email protected], Glen Allen The Engineering Institute of Technology is one of the only institutes in the world specializing in engineering. Zurich Wellington Email: [email protected], University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign , AL Email: [email protected], Fremont , OR Email: [email protected], GE Global Research Center , Dehli USA , CA USA Email: [email protected], TP ICAP USA Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems USA USA Email: [email protected], Software Engineering Institute USA Email: [email protected], Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Canada This credential will benefit security professionals, business continuity planners, compliance personnel, risk managers, and other professionals who need to teach skills and methods related to the security of information systems, build an incident response capability, or both. Springfield , Az , MD Suwon-si , TX USA, Sapiens Americas Corporation USA, GM Financial Email: [email protected], Fidenta Oy , ZG USA Belgium USA USA, ITT Space Systems Division Email: [email protected], Code42 USA Email: [email protected], REDMATH (PRIVATE) LIMITED Email: [email protected], Liberty Mutual Insurance Email: [email protected], STQC Directorate, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. Rotkreuz USA , PA Research Triangle Park , VA , VA Email: [email protected], Comverse Email: [email protected], Direct Supply Inc. Email: [email protected], SAIC / Scitor Email: [email protected], Leidos Niedersachsen Mexico City Mississauga Email: [email protected], Dell EMC , DC Mexico , NCT OF DELHI Malvern , CA USA , TX Email: [email protected], TNS, Inc. Email: [email protected], Chicago Seattle Houston , AZ Email: [email protected], Experian , VA , Va Japan Spain College Park USA, DevMasters Email: [email protected], Oak Ridge National Laboratory London USA , TX Email: [email protected], Northwestern Mutual CMMI Institute. Seattle , Punjab USA , ZG , NM , TX Email: [email protected], Medidata Solutions USA , NY Pittsburgh , Haryana USA Email: [email protected], Boston , AL Email: [email protected], BNY Mellon Email: [email protected], Court Record Solutions Colorado Springs Software Engineering Institute. Email: [email protected], Deloitte Consulting LLP Zurich Annapolis Junction , WI Leonberg Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems El Paso Folsom Email: [email protected], Roche Diagnostics International AG , Ontario , SP Ukraine Introduction to Personal Software Process (PSP) Course Materials November 1, 2018 • Educational Material By Software Engineering Institute. Mclean Beijing Email: [email protected], Tieto Sweden AB USA , GA Chengdu Email: [email protected], DLIFLC USA According to the Software Engineering Institute (SEI, 2008), CMMI helps "integrate traditionally separate organizational functions, set process improvement goals and priorities, provide guidance for quality processes, and provide a point of reference for appraising current processes." Email: [email protected], SoftServe Inc. Decagon trains software engineers in fullstack Javascript (Node JS/React JS), C# (.NET Core), Java ( Spring framework), Mobile app development (React Native) in Nigeria. Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems , CO USA Berkeley Email: [email protected], Okta Belarus , VA Email: [email protected], West Chester Hartford Switzerland, PKH Enterprises , GA Email: [email protected], Booz Allen Hamilton Professional Software Developer Certification This professional competency certification requires successful completion of Certificates of Proficiency in the following four key knowledge areas: Software Engineering Requirements, Software Engineering Design, Software Engineering Construction, Software Engineering Testing and the successful completion of an online exam. USA , VA , VA USA Email: [email protected], FedEx USA USA Email: [email protected], Houston Phoenix USA Ukraine , PA USA , Berkshire , ON Milwaukee Iasi Pittsburgh HARRISBURG Email: [email protected], Tieto Email: [email protected], Ashburn Email: [email protected], The Boeing Company , MD Georgia Niskayuna Email: [email protected], Sirius IT USA Switzerland USA , IL Washington , NJ Email: [email protected], Northwestern Mutual CERT Secure Coding in C and C++ Professional Certificate,CERT Cybersecurity Engineering and Software Assurance Professional Certificate. Email: [email protected], TietoEnator Healtcare&Welfare USA Frankfurt Email: [email protected], Edaptive Systems USA, Federal Bureau of Investigation Blacksburg Email: [email protected], Follett School Solutions “The strength of the SEI architecture practices is in their collaborative nature. , MA Email: [email protected], Dnipro USA, DHL The CERT Secure Coding team teaches the essentials of designing and developing secure software in Java. Email: [email protected], Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG New Delhi , Querétaro Email: [email protected], American Express USA Email: [email protected], EM Solutions, Inc Finland Email: [email protected], U.S. Reston Concord , OH Chengdu PCPP-32-1 certification reflects your experience and programming skills in the following areas: Advanced OOP, GUI Programming, PEP conventions, Text File Processing, Communicating with a program\\’s environment as well as maths, science, and engineering modules. Email: [email protected], Drug Enforcement Administration Email: [email protected], swens GmbH CERT Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessor Certificate,CERT Insider Threat Program Manager Certificate. , CO Email: [email protected], RedMath Private Limited Auckland Norristown Email: [email protected], U.S. Department of Energy Email: [email protected], Roche SIS WF & IT RnD Email: [email protected], Software Engineering Institute USA USA Email: [email protected], EPAM Systems , Panama Email: [email protected], Philips Healthcare , VA USA Singapore USA New York The 40-hour curriculum is designed to meet the evolving needs of industry. Tucson Email: [email protected], Aliquippa Helsinki Email: [email protected], Credit Suisse Email: [email protected], Harris RF Communications Email: [email protected], Kaiser Permanente Email: [email protected], Natus Medical Incorporated Switzerland Cincinnati Email: [email protected], Tieto Hyderabad Brazil , VA , Jalisco , Greater London , AZ Email: [email protected], BTC AG Mechanicsburg Ukraine Ukraine Buffalo Grove , CO USA, Bach-Simpson, a division of Wabtec Canada, Inc. London , Ontario , CA , Ut Finland Email: [email protected], SoftServe Inc USA Bodenackerstrasse, Brugg Finland Helsinki , Telangana India Email: [email protected], Deloitte Consulting LLP Email: [email protected], Deere & Company, Intelligent Solutions Group Cincinnati , VA , NC , MD Montgomery Email: [email protected], KPMG, LLP Finland Raleigh You don’t actually have to have your education completed before you attempt the exam – you can do so when you’re in the final year of a bachelor’s program. Gothenburg , Dehli , CA McLean Email: [email protected], REDMATH B.V. Email: [email protected], The Boeing Company Dunlap USA USA Email: [email protected], Protective Insurance Email: [email protected], Verizon Irving , VA , Minsk Austin , PA Read about popular certification options for software engineers. , VA Email: [email protected], Progressive Insurance Youngstown , PA , VA View 1 Software Engineering courses . USA Huntsville , Karnataka USA , AL USA , IN Hyderabad , OH Estonia , NY , Nc Malvern Pakistan Canada USA USA Email: [email protected], SoftServe Inc. USA Minsk Email: [email protected], Duke Energy Canada Email: [email protected], Verizon USA Mexico Email: [email protected], Eagle Mountain , VA Email: [email protected], Tieto Corporation Email: [email protected], TietoEnator Finland Oy Spain , ON Email: [email protected], Roche Diagnostics International Ltd Pittsburgh

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