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If your videos are marketed via MaryPatriotNews it’s because we believe your content is important and simply want to help you get the word out. “But hey, better late than never” hatun | speakers corner. No comments: Post a Comment. Once upon a time, and a long time before any sort of social media, you had no alternative but to rely on Speakers’ Corner to vent your spleen or hear others vent theirs. Typically, the Muslim man responded with violence, the very same issue that Hatun Tash was criticising: That was when she pulled the cartoon and the holey Quran out. October 30, 2020 Posted by: Category: Uncategorized; No Comments . View discussions in 1 other community. 46 comments. They only care about themselves. Pat Gray reacts to a surprising new report showing Coke and Nike pushing back on a bill limiting products of slave labor from China? She wants Muslims to hear what she has to say. A rare breed in the church and rarer breed at Speakers Corner. If this is a helpful service to you, kindly consider donating $1 or more. Hatun used the cartoons to show how dangerous Muhammad’s teaching is. Matthew Brook, barrister for the prosecution, stated that the published speeches amounted to terrorist publications as they praised terrorist organisations such as ISIS and encouraged listeners to support those terrorist organisations and encouraged both terrorist action and violent jihad. But Hatun is not intimidated. But, Speakers’ Corner Is Now Shariah Corner: Hatun Tash Removed for Blasphemy [Video], SciFriday: Critical Theory and Chaos [Video], MSM Silent on the Peace Deal, Trump on WTO, Biden Said What??? As the Biden administration takes shape and prepares for the White House, the outcome of the U.S. presidential elections appears to have ended pretenses of reconciliation by bitter Palestinian rivals Hamas and the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority (PA). This physical groping has involved inappropriate touching including being grabbed and hugged from behind, kissed on the ear, and even touched and pinched on the breast. Acts 17 ApologeticsAnswering IslamblasphemyboysbreakingccotDavid Wooddawahdccidcci ministriesFree SpeechFreedom of Speechguygetsgirlhatun tashjobsJonMcCrayKAGMaryPatriotNewsMenMens IssuesMens RightsMRApatriarchyPatriots UnitedQAnonSam ShamounShariashariahSpeakers Cornerspeakers corner 2020Vocab MaloneWakeUpAmericawhaddoyoumemeyoutube. Earlier today, a Muslim man hit Hatun Tash in the face at Speakers’ Corner. Exposing Dangerous Leftist Ideologies While Sharing Real Hope & Change, September 18, 2020, 9:41 pm ( Log Out /  #LoveNotHate. I challenged him on camera. Friends, our Constitutional Republic is far too valuable to NOT work together! Thanks you for this Paul. I’m glad that those brothers stick to the Islamic principles in this issues even when they confronted that guy. They also spoke of children as young as 12 making Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). What are your thoughts on Adnan Rashid, Ali Dawah and Mohammed Hijab? #Trump2020 Blessings, Mary, The Media’s Holiday Advice #DailyCaller #pjnet #MAGA #KAG #ccot #finance #bigquestions #WWG1WGA #business… https://t.co/w7KOgfm2ME, Hawley: Biden Cabinet picks espouse ‘war forever, America last policy’ | On Air Videos #news #MAGA #YouTube #KAG… https://t.co/Slfku77QxC, This Is Very Disturbing #MarcusRogers #DrainTheSwamp #trade #Christian #tcot #ccot #SpyGate #NRA #America #pft… https://t.co/22UEGJdBMm, Data Analysts Release HUGE Document Calling Hundreds Of Thousands Of Votes INTO QUESTION. Muslim Man Attacks Hatun Tash at Speakers’ Corner. 7 comments. Born 1939 – died 26 June 2020. Hatun Tash. Why is there no "historical criticism" of the Qur'an as there is of the Bible? If they really cared about dawah they would have talked to this guy earlier. I have challenged him many times about this but he tells me even if Anjem Choudary came to the park he would give him a platform! You may recognise him. Author Hatun Tash Posted on 11 February 2018 30 April 2020 Categories Hadith, Islam, Salvation, Sin 1 Comment on Allah’s Unjust Judgement Sanaa palimpsest disagrees with the ‘perfect preserved’ Qur’an. Hatun was physically assaulted at Speakers' Corner today. They encouraged others to commit or prepare acts of terrorism. All of these are known associates of the godfather of UK terrorism Anjem Choudary. However, the real issue is that those brothers got harassed by some who have a mentality not that different from that one during the period of inquisition, and it’s fueled by the spirit of the western superiority whose people think they they have right to tell people what to do. Subscribe, Like, Comment & Share. As reported by the Daily Mail, the gathering was in support for Hatun Tash, an activist who claims she was attacked for showing a cartoon image of the Prophet Mohammed depicted as a baby, which some found offensive. Mansur was happy to condemn terrorism in theory but not to lift a finger to confront real propagators of terrorist ideology at the park. August 2019 and Adnan seems to defend Abu Qaseem. If she was pegged as the “English” missionary it explains the low level English/Western Culturalist themes in her blog posts. ( Log Out /  Interesting ruling on going to the Cinema and Watching Movies by Shaikh Ibn Bāz, NEW: God as Divine child abuser: the sadomasochism at the heart of Christianity. Infamous Speaker's Corner Islamophobe Hatun Tash gets punched in the face. Change ), Dr JDG Dunn, British New Testament scholar, Professor of Divinity at the University of Durham. Subscribe to Hatun’s channel (DCCI): #SpeakersCorner #HatunTash #Sharia Hatun, a leading member of the Christian ministry ‘Defend Christ Critique I s lam’ (DCCI), has been attending Speakers Corner for a number of years, preaching her Christian faith and boldly critiquing Islam. - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe02lGcO-ahAURWuxAJnjdA/joinTune in randomly for random videos i feel like making The post Trump To File Lawsuit To Wisconsin Supreme Court Challenging 220k Ballots, Trump Raises $150M So Far [Video] appeared first on MaryPatriotNews. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7776977/Two-terrorists-face-prison-spreading-sermons-jailed-Islamist-preacher.html. report. We shouldn’t be so quick to judge. I’ll admit I’m not familiar with the speaker corner’s adventures but I’m just trying to say that unless there is evidence of Ali Dawah actually ‘jumpin on the bandwagon’ then we shouldn’t say such things. And More! As a fellow Muslim I support you with everything you are doing. extreme by whose standards? I am going to show support for Hatun at Speakers corner in London on Sunday the 1st of November. She wants Muslims to hear what she has to say. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I interview Hatun Tash, a regular at Speakers' Corner in London. Details to follow, see you all at Speakers Corner Sunday 1st November with Flowers and Chocolates All Tommy's content is on https://tr.news This video will probably be set to limited state soon after upload. Anger runs through her veins! There is a person who certainly belongs in this category but as there is an ongoing police investigation it is not appropriate to mention his name at the moment! Hatun is the director of DCCI Ministries. Love The Hate Last Sunday we all witnessed an appalling assault on a small, but strong, smart and vocal Christian woman, a woman who stands on the front line of freedom of speech, a woman renowned for her advocacy of … She was the slapped hard around the face by a Muslim savage causing Ms Tash bruising to her face and breaking her spectacles. Ijaz censured my articles and ultimately banned me from the blog I had founded and written for for many years. By the way, what Shamsi did is good as well, but as you see Shamsi did discuss with that that muslim, and tried to correct him by Qur’an and Sunnah, and prevent Tomy’s fans to stick their noses in the middle (watch 8:00′ & 10:00′) of his video, which is not acceptable according to harassing mentality (either my way or you’re against me). John 3:16-18, 36. [Video], 300K Ballots from New York to Pennsylvania on Oct 21st / Swedish Media forced to Speak [Video], What Happens When You Ignore The Truth? Hatun Tash is a Christian preacher who regularly engages with muslims at Speakers’ Corner and in mosques in “Christian-Muslim discussion” according to the European Leadership Forum. Posted by Call Me Mom at 12:17 AM. Belmarsh Prison until sentencing at a later date. Home › Blogging Theology › Speakers’ Corner regular convicted of terrorism offences this afternoon at the Old Bailey, By bloggingtheologycom on December 10, 2019 • ( 39 ). However he has spoken out frequently against the extremists at the park. I thank God that this scumbag is now off the streets of London. Abu Qasim is now facing significant jail time for spreading the speeches of convicted Islamist preacher and notorious terror recruiter Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal. He. They had already spread their views about extremism. He is a role model for Muslims everywhere. share. All (except Sulaiman) are now banned from Speakers’ Corner. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) About Me. Hatun Tash assaulted by Muslim man at Speakers [sharia] Corner for criticising Islams "prophet" Muhammad for his handling of criticism against Islam. They are extremely dangerous men. Their goal is to stick to the Islamic principles in these issues as I said before, and they did that very well. Though he lives in Trinidad, Ijaz has hampered our struggle against violent extremism at Speakers’ Corner. COE.TV (Content Over Everything) is a youtube channel at the park run by Leon which has provided a regular platform for known supporters of violent extremism to propagate their vile views. ( Log Out /  I invited him to look after Blogging Theology for a period last year. Boris Johnson’s? Those muslim brothers are not obligated by any mean to prove that they are free from extremism while nothing has been proven yet. Also, they didn’t prevent others to go police to provide their evidences. ..and Christ aligned his mind with God: Luke 22:42. "The world could, A number of corrupt officials along the way facilitate the transactions and perpetuate our 50+ year-long "War on Drugs" that we can never quite seem to win. Speaker’s Corner. Too late. Go. A few weeks ago a very brave Christian lady by the name of Hatun Tash from a Christian ministry group stood up at Speaker’s Corner and criticised the Koran. Speakers’ Corner is now Shariah Corner. I take it is a yes from you then? ( Log Out /  Why would they do such a thing?! Crocodile tears from someone with an explicit anti-democratic, anti-liberal, anti-humanist agenda. Hatun has been described by other Speaker’s Corner regulars as an Islamophobic provocateur. The man we all know as Abu Qasim, a regular at Speakers’ Corner in London for over 10 years, was at 2.15pm this afternoon convicted under the Terrorism Act of four charges of disseminating terrorist material and one of possessing articles useful for terrorism. It is unprecedented for Iranian state media to acknowledge an incident of. Maybe! You can see it on youtube. Muslim Man Attacks Hatun Tash at Speakers’ Corner [Video] October 26, 2020, 4:44 am 1.3k Views. The cattle should, Under the slogan "Death to America", Iran has been at war with the US, Israel and their Western allies since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, using proxy groups to kill hundreds of Americans in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and other places; and to launch, Russia's strategy with nuclear weapons, as outlined in official documents and many analyses, leans towards what General John Hyten, the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has referred to as "escalate to win." Are these two companies are actually supporting China's labor policies? Speakers’ Corner is now Shariah Corner. I take it some of those comments are directed at me right? Why the White Working Class Support Trump. Great news! Hatun was physically assaulted at Speakers’ Corner in July. If this is true and they knew about him it would seem that Adnan (and Mansur if only tacitly) not only let him film for them but downright stood up for him?! Home › Islamophobia › Pray For Hatun Tash, So She Becomes More Loving. Just over a year ago when I became alarmed at ISIS supporters activity at the park I decided to publicly call Abdul Hakeem out. The trial took place at Britain’s most famous court, the Old Bailey in London. Mansur and I were good friends. Earlier today, a Muslim man hit Hatun Tash in the face at Speakers' Corner. Speakers’ Corner, 1968. @Paul Williams When Paul warned them they just waved it off as not their job and now all of a sudden all are taking turns at him. He was found guilty on all counts by unanimous jury decision. July 31, 2020 sheikyermami. If they cared so much about dawah, why didn’t they give him dawah back then? I am not an atheist and you spread these extremist views. #LoveNotHate By yahyasnowblog on October 5, 2017 • ( 96). Next Last. WATCH more Pat Gray Unleashed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RS7ouFu2Wrc Subscribe to BlazeTV YouTube!

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