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There was a huge difference in sound and feel between the cheaper laminate guitars. On-board tuner for string tuning accuracy. There are so many styles, features, and prices to consider, it’s hard to know where to start. Thanking you in advance. Our Gear Advisers are available Some tape and tissue on the batteries themselves seems to have quelled that. It's readers like you that point out new things as well as find small errors that help me to refine the reviews for everyone to make informed purchase decisions! WOW AMAZING REVIEW....CLEARED THE CONFUSION,ANSWERED ALL THE QUESTIONS FOR THIS "NEWBE"THANK YOU, THANK YOU !ORDERING AS SUGGESTED. However, the Neumann KM56 has a more punchy sound for bluegrass and flat-picking. Not only does the SRT have both an onboard microphone for picking up the natural acoustic sound of the guitar, but it has a blender to balance between the loudness or "gain" from the piezo pickup without sacrificing that true acoustic sound you would expect from an acoustic guitar. From what I understand, the SRT pickup system is still only available in 4 models, A3R, A3M, A3CR, and A3CM. Best bang for the buck for what has come out in the last several years! I think your answer will come down to which guitar feels better to you, and which one sound better for your most common use scenario. The tonal range provided by the pickup configuration enables flexibility so you’re not forced into playing a … . Some professional guitar players may actually prefer one wood over the other, but for most players, it does not have an affect other than color preference. Both have a blender with an element pickup and a condenser microphone, and I have heard these things live. Ebony is a bit more expensive than Rosewood as well. Yamaha Inc. also has a built-in 1 year warranty on the on-board electronics and the attached hardware. More, Popular Categories, More Ways to Complete Control of the Sound with Body Resonance and Microphone Piezo blending. With 1 push of the A.F.R. It isn't worth the time, effort or money to go out and buy a high end guitar that you know is going to take some knocks and also there is the threat of theft. Yamaha NTX1200R has great playability that is embraced by both steel-string and electric guitarists giving it a classical move. Thank you Ricco. If you are looking for a more mellow, bassy and warm sound, you can back the mid and high ranges off while accentuating the bass a bit. Could you mention in your reviews if the guitar is also made in left handed? I was floored too at how much Gibson was asking for that Jumbo model I think. . If you are going to spend over $1,000, however, I would also look at some other brands, such as Larrivee, Taylor etc. Keep Strummin! When he and I sat down and I pointed out the cheap tuners and flimsy craftsmanship when compared to a Larrivee in the same store- his jaw about hit the floor- and nonetheless he did not go with the mass produced Gibson. to guide you through your entire shopping experience. (Complete Comparison table of all A series models below - (A1R, A1M,  AC1R,  AC1M, A3R, A3M, AC3R, AC3M)After researching this guitar thoroughly, much of the online information surrounding this guitar is incomplete or incorrect, even on the Yamaha USA website - so I called them to get the straight facts - Yamaha USA. I know that when I played the A3R, I liked the neck because I play fingerstyle. Where to buy this guitar online - some suggestions. I'll bet that will be a great test outside of a controlled studio setting, although I know it will perform greatly! Because of this, I would not hesitate to buy or promote the Yamaha A3R as our #1 pick in acoustic or acoustic electric guitars in the "under $1000" range. would this guitar work for me? I have a couple issues. In Canada in order to get solid back and sides you looking at 2300.00 cdn. Although the Palathetic Pickup in the Takamine is excellent for gigs and touring pros, it will not suffice for pure acoustic sound, as no pure transducer will because it cannot pick up the subtle overtones and ambiance you can achieve with a condenser mic / transducer combination. The SRT preamp and pick up offers 3 different microphone modeling types at the flip of a switch to match any playing style (each microphone would cost several thousand dollars to gain this kind of sound in a professional recording studio). Very few guitar reviews ever mention if this guitar comes in a LEFT HAND VERSION. Thanks Jose for your honesty. Thanks for your kind words. The tuner also has a distinct alternating lighting signal which will notify the player 1 hour before the batteries of the pickup lose their power, giving plenty of warning to change the internal power suppply without interrupting or distorting the output sound or performance. Thanks for stopping by and your comment, Martin. I have a $3500 Larivee in my stock, and if one looks close enough, it has some very minor blemishes as well. The SRT pickup system is great, as you can dial it to the sound that you like the best. Using the "Focus" setting, one can hone in on the close and crisp sound of the acoustic guitar tonewoods and strings as thought the guitar were miced right near the soundhole for direct, up front, real acoustic sound. I loved the series so much I was able to get my hands on a A6R so now I have the best of both tone worlds. It's well built and plays well, but all this "Japanese influence" combined with the Yamaha name somewhat steers you away from realizing that this is a guitar made in Indonesia and not Japan. In other words, the SRT1 allowed you to model 2 mic setups- a focus setup meaning 1 close mic vs. a wide setup which means a close mic and a distant mic giving more studio resonance. My dream has always been to have a guitar that apart from a piezo pickup has some mic system to pic up the actual wood and air vibration. If you buy this guitar here through Amazon, it will go through a 3rd Party Music Supply Vendor with an A+ BBB rating and for just $1 extra dollar you can buy the bundle which includes over $80 worth of guitar accessories including, The best deal, getting the guitar bundle with all of the extra accessories for an extra $1 is at Amazon.com here. We, that are left handed, will probably always be Left handed in a Right handed There was a young man who come to the store looking for a Taylor, but after playing my A3R he's now a believer. On the other hand. Mic Type 1: Neumann U67 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, Mic Type 2: Royer R122 Active Ribbon Microphone, The Mahogany versions (labeled with the letter "M" in the model number) have the Neumann KM56 and the Royer 122 and not the Neuman U67 as shown below, Mic Type 1: Neumann KM56 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, 1-The Neumann U67 (AVAILABLE IN THE SRT and THE SRT2 Rosewood Models) - great for wide EQ and any playing style, giving the player a large diaphragm condenser studio mic sound. Choosing a guitar is a difficult process thanks to the wealth of quality options available on the market today. 2 - Which guitar actually feels better and sounds better to you while unplugged? Taylor K14ce … A lot of people have enjoyed this guitar and have purchased it after reading this review. John - Just purchased this guitar last week. The on-board microphone has 3 different professional microphone models with the 2 most commonly used studio mic settings for professional studio recording and live play realism. Does the bottom have a slight concave or not? Hope this helps. Thanks a lot for this detailed review. Unplugged, the Dreadnought size is more universal in sound, and the "C" models are better for people who need a slightly smaller guitar with a bit more favor for fingerstyle playing. The tonality differences between fingerboard woods is negligible, and often completely un-noticeable by even the most discerning and professional ear. Many people cannot hear the difference, but most guitar players with any experience can definitely hear the difference. Great question! The tonality is going to be very similar, but with the A3R you will pay less and get a great pickup as well. For what it's worth in my humble opinion the A3 series is the deal of the decade in flat top all solid wood guitars. Most Recent. It is an amazing deal for the investment. Hi Aaron, I, too own the A3R and am very happy with everything about the guitar. I don't pay people to write for this site because I am extremely picky when it comes to sharing the best acoustic guitar reviews and I want to share from personal experience. It's not really an issue for me as I don't play up there very often, but it definitely makes the guitar look like exactly what it is ...... a "mid-level" guitar. What I would recommend is ordering either one from Amazon.com and then testing your first choice. I committed to the purchase and picked it up on the way thru. Besides living in Canada it is hard for me to justify the cost of a solid wood Taylor. Free Standard Ground shipping (48 contiguous states, some overweight and Used/Vintage items excluded). That said, although I've played piano and keyboards for decades I'm newer to the guitar so "ease to play" is the second most important criteria. They did not have it at Guitar Center so I ordered one. I cannot decide between the AC5R and the CPX1500wa (guy down the road is selling). I honestly wish I had this kind of pickup system bundled with solid tonewoods for under $1,000 when I was purchasing my last guitar. Thanks for asking here, but this review is more or less to give people a great overview of the Yamaha A series so they have real confidence when laying down that much money. If you want a deeper, better projection unplugged, I would personally go with the Yamaha A3R (because of the Rosewood). Agreed that they Yamaha Silent guitars are pretty awesome too, but being that they are not true acoustic guitars, that might steer a few people away, those who want the sound and feel of real tonewoods. Can anyone enlighten me & steer me the right way? One thing I have also done in the past is take out the saddle and sanded the bottom side of the saddle down to adjust string height if I wanted the action a bit lower, but you have to be careful not to sand it too much for string buzz issues too. Thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts on the Yamaha A3R series and other guitars. Epiphone Les Paul Special-II. Even if you have a great ear for tuninng, this feature is great for re-assurance or for quick and accurate re-tuning between gigs or songs to keep the playing going and sounding great. (ALSO in the original SRT pickup), Knob (B): Treble Control Level adjustments for the high frequency (treble) range. Baggs Electronics. These are a bit trick to find so I'll post what I found here: The body Depth (front to back) of all the full dreadnought models (without the "C") slope from 100 to 118 MM. That being said, let me also say that this is the best acoustic I have played for under $1000, and probably under $1500. I wondered are you or have you done any reviews of the Yamaha AXP1000? Fender Player Stratocaster. I'm not a very patient person. I put it through a great tryout. . The SRT starts with 3 world class studio microphones modeled in 1. . choice for a better guitar (want to upgrade)... it is beyond my reach!! Our round-up of the best acoustic guitars applies to beginner, intermediate and pro acoustic guitarists alike, and spans a range of budgets too. The Yamaha A3R won't let you down, I am sure! Wonderfully constructed guitar and very hard to beat for well under $1000. always buy from a reputable source like Amazon.com or another music store where the return policy is clear and in your favor. I think when it comes to this kind of fine comparison for finer technical playability and feel- measurements might give a clue to begin your comparison, but the only way to know would be to personally play and touch them side by side. This is a really special, limited edition guitar. I had a set of Elixirs installed before leaving the store so that might account for some difference in its sound. Thanks again for so much unbiased information! . I really prefer Rosewood because of it's wider EQ response than Mahogany which tends to project more in the id range, whereas Rosewood's natural resonance amplifies more bass sound, giving the guitar a richer, fuller sound. . All online marketplaces seem to project the same retail pricing for a new A3R acoustic electric guitar at about $899.00 USD. The A1 Series offers laminated sides and back whereas the A3 series offers solid tonewood sides and back, so the difference between "R" and "M" in this series will be more significant if you are looking to buy an A-3 Series. purchase from Musician's Friend (electric or acoustic, New or Open Box) includes two years of YOU GUYS NEED TO PLAY THIS GUITAR (YAMAHA AC3M) SIMPLY AWESOME MORE INTIMATE AND JUST SOUNDS PERFECT!!! Whereas the Concert Models (with the "C") slope from 110 to 120 MM - so the difference is negligible at 2MM difference. The SRT 2 has these features below- taken directly from the Yamaha website. After considerable reviews of multiple acoustic guitars in the <$1,000 price range I couldn't agree with you more and have settled on purchasing an A series in mahogany. I doubt you will be disappointed in either one, but it appears from most sellers you will pay more for the LL16, when you are essentially getting the same craftsmanship, just a little different body size and EQ balance. Yamaha’s APXT2 is a hybrid guitar that can play acoustically but also plugged into an amp and given the full distortion and effect treatment if you desire. There will always be a few nay-sayers for just about any guitar, but 99% of people who play this and have purchased it are able to recognize what a great value it is as well. Yamaha NTX700 Review. . How would you compare the neck width and thickness compared to your Eastman? Keep the Faith, Spread the Peace, x-man. Ultimately, it will come down to whether you like Rosewood vs. Mahogany, and whether you can deal without having a digital tuner onboard. My mind is made up EXCEPT ONE SMALL ISSUE! Let us know what you decide if you get a chance to come back to the site. The Yamaha A-Series of guitars is the first "American Made" Yamaha series designed with the United States engineering team, and the collaboration between the Japanese and American teams has created a combination of the highest acoustic guitar craftsmanship with the un-matched S.R.T. The A-3 Series features ebony fingerboards which are dark black, distinct, and a bit more resilient to the wear and tear of fingering chords over the life of the guitar. In these models that would be mostly correct because the option switch for mic sounds of the pickup are studio samples (not a true mic of your performance - but pre-recorded and stored in the pickup). Aaron. It does, however, mean a smaller, "Concert" model which may be a bit easier to hold and play for mid to small size players. Perfect sound frequency makes perfect sounds and thus the player can feel the notes and it helps the player to differentiate among the seven notes of music. ET I think there must be a Yamaha case made specifically for the AC3R. Maple is a harder brighter wood in the Takamine and the Rosewood in the Yamaha A3R will certainly give you more bass response unplugged, and therefore a bigger sound as the EQ response from the tonewoods is "wider". There are many more satisfied Yamaha A3R players out there just like you that really appreciate this guitar both plugged in and unplugged. Rewards members also receive double- and triple-point offers, access to member-only deals, as well as a dedicated phone line to Gear Advisers and a $25 coupon on your birthday, all on us. You can easily adjust the action on the Yamaha A3R by taking out the saddle and sanding the bottom side down, or have it adjusted at a local guitar shop until you like the string set / height. I am planning to get one of them from the US for Christmas. I could not find that exact model - the Stagg GC3A - so I looked up a little more info and think it might be best to step up just above an economy case to protect your $800 Yamaha A3R with a little more ridgid / padded / durable case such as this Case actually made by Yamaha here for under $60- It's the Yamaha HC-AG Acoustic Guitar Hardshell Case found here and is made for their Dreadnought size so it should fit the A Series Perfectly. The model with the SRT with preamp or the SRT2? The guitar sounds amazing plugged, and un-plugged, it has a lot of middle range sound in my opinion, and little bass sound (cause in part by the thin body of the Apx), my question in your experience is, is there a lot of diference of sound between a roosewood solid back and sides and laminated flamed maple, specially in bass sounds? Every guitar or bass you Well done. Thanks Phil. Even Yamaha’s lower priced guitars tend to have reasonable tone – and the FG800 is no exception. Also would you ever consider making a review of left hand guitars? But having said that, this guitar "is what it is" .... which is a mid-level instrument. Hi Aaron, where can I buy Yamaha A3R made in USA? I see the occasional glue splatter on the binding. After all, these Yamaha A Series guitars get nearly 5 stars from hundreds of other reviews so they are bound to have a 1 to 2% margin for products that need slight adjustment. I went through some bad ones in college and wasted money on pickups that didn't hack it, before I knew anything about pickup technology. . is hand's down the best value A/E under $1000, Takamine EF341SC vs Yamaha A3R for ease of playability. Punchiness with flame maple and Mahogany are great when you are playing with a group acoustically because the sound is more compressed and brighter. The microphone also has different modeling capabilities for replicating a close microphone or wide microphone setup. No one I've talked to seems to know the model number of the case I should get for my guitar. So if you want the real deal, fork out the extra $200 or so and get an A1. Allowed HTML tags: